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Is 50 Cent Moving To Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - Is US rapper 50 Cent moving to Africa? The 40-year-old recording artist, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson, has posted a video of his new “crib” somewhere in Africa without revealing its whereabouts.

50 Cent Is Just Latest Homeowner To Be Bankrupted By This...

AFRICANGLOBE - Curtis Jackson, also known as rapper 50 Cent, filed documents in a Connecticut bankruptcy court on Monday, showing that he was spending $72,000 a month to maintain a home that has already housed other famous bankrupts.

Your Favorite Rappers Actually Made A Fortune Off Those Annoying Ringtones

AFRICANGLOBE - When it comes to the ringtone rap era, it’s hard to find any other moment in time that could compare. One-hit wonder rappers like J-Kwon, D4L (the “Laffy Taffy” dudes) and Mike Jones were all making a killing a decade ago. Despite their overall lack of taste, we all bought their ringtones!

Intel, 50 Cent Pair Up On Headphones That Can Measure Your...

AFRICANGLOBE - Chipmaker Intel and SMS Audio, the consumer electronics company founded by 50 Cent, are partnering to launch a pair of heart-rate-measuring headphones.

American Rapper 50 Cent To Partner With African Entrepreneurs

When African-American music mogul 50 cent offered a million dollars to Africa’s literary giant Chinua Achebe for rights to use the title of his novel classic...