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New Mutiny In Ivory Coast

AFRICANGLOBE - Paramilitary forces in Ivory Coast have fired shots into the air in several cities in what seems to be the start of a new mutiny. Shots were heard in the main city Abidjan, the capital, Yamoussoukro, and the western cities of Man and Daloa.

Africa’s First Smartphone And Tablet Maker Starts Expansion Programme

AFRICANGLOBE - VMK plans to expand its store locations to five countries in the region by the end of the year. A second store is scheduled to open in Abidjan before three others will be opened in Kinshasa, Douala and Dakar before the end of 2015.

Africa, The New El Dorado For Luxury Cars

AFRICANGLOBE - Porsches, Range Rovers and even Maseratis... luxury cars are no strange sight weaving through the old bangers that rumble along Abidjan's chaotic streets, another indication of the emergence of a wealthy class in Africa. Each of the vehicles costs at least tens of thousands of euros, representing decades of work for an Ivorian earning the minimum wage, even after it was recently hiked 60 percent to 60,000 CFA francs (around 90 euros, $125) a month.

South African Airways’ Africa Route Network Grows

South African Airways (SAA) is set to add two new destinations, Abidjan and Brazzaville, to its ever-increasing African route network, bringing the total number...