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Ohio Democrat Pushes For Black Babies To Be Aborted

AFRICANGLOBE - Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed into law a bill that bans abortions as soon as the baby's heartbeat is detected., which can be as early as six weeks. But before it passed, a Democrat from Ohio tried to make sure Black babies were excluded from the pro-life bill and could be aborted for any reason. Janine Boyd suggested protecting Black children from abortion is akin to slavery. "Black slaves were once treated like cattle and put out to stud in order to create generations of more slaves," she said during her remarks.

Abortion: The Number One Killer Of Black Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - Since Roe v. Wade, more unborn, innocent African Americans have been killed from abortion than the combined deaths from police brutality, crime, AIDS and Cancer combined. Where are our rallies, protests, marches and vigils for the innocent unborn African American children who cannot fight for themselves? And while it seems far too easy for our people to make excuses for killing unborn children by saying “that’s their business“, “that’s between the woman and God” or even “it’s the woman’s body so it’s her choice“, a closer look at these excuses (and others) shows human irresponsibility, denial and the devaluing of human life at it’s very worse. So let’s tackle some of these weak excuses to see just how weak they are.

Abortion Is The Number One Genocide In The Black Community

AFRICANGLOBE - The No. 1 genocide in the African-American community, and why we’re becoming a minority of minorities, is because most of our babies are dying in the womb from abortions.

Abortion Clinic Hidden Agenda: Kill Off African American Communities [VIDEO]

AFRICANGLOBE - According to Protecting Black Life, a 2010 Census revealed that Planned Parenthood is targeting minority neighborhoods through abortion. About 79% of its surgical abortion facilities are within walking distance of Latino and/or African American communities. They even state that since the legalization of abortion back in 1973, more African American babies have been killed by abortion than the total number of deaths in the African American community.

Essence Magazine Promoting Abortion In The Black Community

AFRICANGLOBE - Essence Magazine has made it no secret that the nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, is its ally. The so-called Black media outlet which is actually White-owned has been given the Margaret Sanger award multiple times for promoting abortion.

Black America: Abortion Destroys Our Dignity

AFRICANGLOBE - Black women are three times more likely to abort than those of any other race. Black teenage abortion rates are more than double the national average. Around one thousand more black children are dead every day from abortion. Sixteen million black children have been killed since 1973 in the U.S. alone. Forty percent of black pregnancies end in abortion. Abortion is the leading cause of death in black America.

Twitter Censors Black Pro-Lifers Blasting NAACP On Abortion

AFRICANGLOBE - A coalition of African-American pro-life activists have had their Twitter account suspended after firing off Tweets challenging the NAACP over its position favoring abortion. After announcing the protest, their Twitter account @NAACP_WATCHDOGS was suspended.

UN Body Asks Jamaica to Make Some Exceptions for Abortion

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) has asked Jamaica to reconsider criminalizing abortion in cases where a pregnancy is a...

Dutch Abortion Ship Heads for Africa

A Dutch “abortion boat” has set sail for Morocco, its first trip to a Muslim/African country, to provide abortions to women who are exposed...

Shock: Black Babies Comprise 78% of Abortions in Mississippi

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend an extremely moving educational forum on the general topic of abortion in the African American community. Hosted...

Black Pro-Life Leaders Call for Planned Parenthood to be Held Accountable

The National Black Prolife Coalition has expressed heartfelt sympathy to the family of Tonya Reaves -- the most recent victim of a botched abortion performed at a Chicago Planned...

New Anti-Abortion Billboard Points Fingers at Black Leaders

In an attempt to capture of the attention of the African-American public on the issue of abortion, yet another controversial billboard targeting Blacks has sprung up — this time in Atlanta.