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Mike Pence Honors Black History Month By Reminding Blacks That Whites...

AFRICANGLOBE - Vice President Mike Pence is having just as hard of a time honoring Black History Month as President Donald Trump, given one of his latest tweets. On Wednesday, Pence commemorated the beginning of a month dedicated to celebrating African Americans who made contributions to enriching American culture, society, and government by shouting out a white man — Abraham Lincoln — for signing the Emanicpation Proclamation.

Abraham Lincoln ‘Wanted To Deport Black People’ To New Colonies

AFRICANGLOBE - Phillip Magness and Sebastian Page, the authors of Colonization After Emancipation: Lincoln And The Movement For Black Resettlement, discovered documents in the National Archives that will significantly alter Abraham Lincoln's legacy. They found an order from Mr. Lincoln in June 1863 authorising a British colonial agent, John Hodge, to recruit freed slaves to be sent to colonies in what are now the countries of Guyana and Belize.