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Detroit Mother Accused of Stabbing Her Eight-Year-Old Daughter

AFRICANGLOBE - After a three-day investigation, a Detroit mother has been charged with the stabbing of her 8-year-old daughter. Police were called to the home of Semeria Aminita Greene early Sunday morning, and found her daughter Tameria Greene bleeding on her back

The Truth About Self-Esteem

AFRICANGLOBE - As you wander through your day and casually catch your reflection, there can be only two possible reactions: Either you love what you see or you don’t. Self-esteem has always been an extremely sensitive topic that is usually discussed with a sugarcoated approach

Jacob Zuma’s Re-Election As ANC President Is a Sad Day for...

AFRICANGLOBE - While personal congratulations to the winner of an election are always in order, the re-election of Jacob Zuma as President of the ANC is not good news for South Africa. His lack of leadership on any of the major policy questions that we face will continue, as will the corruption and abuse of public resources that has so far characterised his time in office.

Mau Mau Torture Victims Win First Round of Legal Battle Against...

Three Kenyans who say they were victims of torture and sexual abuse at the hands of British colonial rulers during the 1950s Mau Mau...

Ethiopian Woman Who Attempted Suicide in Dubai is Thrown in Jail

A despondent maid in Dubai who was fired from her job after complaining about the lack of pay tried to commit suicide — only...

Chinese Nationals Accused Of Stealing and Eating Zimbabwean Pets

Fresh allegations of animal abuse and the consumption of cats and dogs by Chinese immigrants in Zimbabwe have resurfaced as the Society for the...

Libyan Rebels Torturing Captives

Amnesty International has said there is evidence that thousands of detainees who fought for ousted Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi have been “tortured and ill-treated” by rebel forces over recent months.

Mormon Bishop Pleads Guilty to Sexually Abusing Ethiopian Children

A former Mormon bishop and co-founder of a nonprofit group that helps women and children in Third World villages faces sentencing in November for sexually abusing children.

Irish Schools Must Act Over Racist Bullying

Over fifty percent of ethnic minority pupils in Northern Ireland have reported racial abuse according to a report.