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Tension In Abyei As Juba Sends Troops

AFRICANGLOBE - A top aide to Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir says the presence of South Sudanese troops in the disputed border area of Abyei threatens peace less than three years after the two countries split.

African Union Calls for Summit On Abyei

AFRICANGLOBE - The African Union (AU) called on Thursday for an urgent meeting of the leaders from Sudan and South Sudan to find a solution for the flashpoint Abyei region after the killing of a tribal leader and an Ethiopian peacekeeper.

Sudan: UN Appeal for Calm in Abyei as Arabs Ambush and...

AFRICANGLOBE - A major leader of the Dinka tribe and an Ethiopian peacekeeper have been killed after a UN convoy was caught up in an Arab ambush in the disputed South Sudanese territory of Abyei, according to the UN.

South Sudan Formally Accepts Abyei Administration

South Sudan said on Sunday it has sent official notification to the African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) declaring its acceptance of the...

Sudan Ready to Accept Abyei’s Partition Says Russian Envoy

Sudan is ready to accept Abyei's partition, to end the dispute over this region with South Sudan, said Mikhail Margelov, Russian President Vladimir Putin's...

Renewed Calls for ‘Steep’ Sanctions On Sudan Over Abyei

South Sudan said it is time the international community imposes "steep sanctions" on Sudan for its "deliberate" failure to comply with a Security Council resolution calling for an end to hostilities and the immediate withdrawal of troops from Abyei.

South Sudan Demands Withdrawal of Sudanese Army From Abyei

South Sudan said Tuesday that it would not accept Sudan placing conditions on its withdrawal from the contested region of Abyei, or any action...

Abyei’s Displaced Struggle to Survive

Almost a year after fleeing fighting in Abyei, a disputed region on the border between South Sudan and Sudan, thousands of civilians are struggling...

Rains Aggravate The Plight of The Displaced in Abyei

We have seen thousands of people - mainly women and children - carrying bags on their heads, or sitting on mats on the side of the road, exhausted by hours of walking

Abyei Refugees Living Under Trees With No Food Or Water

After The Arab Attack The situation on the ground is worsening. Displaced people and children are seriously affected living under trees in Agok. Civilians are down on streets and in bushes, no food, no shelter, no water and no medical assistance.