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Federal Court Strikes Down Michigan Vote Against Affirmative Action

AFRICANGLOBE - In the latest skirmish in one of the most contentious issues of our time, a federal appeals court in Michigan ruled that...

Affirmative Action: The Real Story

In a recent New York Times article there was a lead article about Affirmative Action. The Supreme Court is about to make a major...

Health Conditions Deteriorating in Darfur Camps

Displaced persons from camps in Central and West Darfur have complained about diseases, such as malaria, diarrhea and abdominal pain spreading rapidly. In addition,...

Affirmative Action Under Assault as Supreme Court Decision Nears

Critics of affirmative action are hoping that a new report released Wednesday will strengthen their case when the Supreme Court begins deliberations next week...

Mali: The Need for Determined and Coordinated International Action

In the absence of rapid, firm and coherent decisions at the regional (Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS), continental (African Union, AU) and...

Black Ministers: Romney-Ryan Agenda Is ‘Dangerous For America’

People For the American Way’s African American Ministers in Action, a national coalition of African American pastors, spoke out today on Mitt Romney’s choice...

Violence Continues in Eastern Congo

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has stepped up civilian protection measures following the latest outbreak of...

New Affirmative Action Case Could Have Far Reaching Implications for African...

The U.S. Supreme Court this week said it would take up another hot-button social issue - affirmative action - around the time of the next presidential...

Competition Spurs Access to Banking And Innovation in Africa

Competition among financial institutions is intensifying in Africa as more governments relax barriers to entry and open their countries' banking sectors to new players. The flurry of fresh entrants in some countries is credited with helping to drive down banking charges

Former U.S. Envoy Calls for Military Action Against Sudan

A former US envoy to Sudan has called for military action against the Khartoum government in order to prevent further escalation of violence in Abyei and South Kordofan regions.

Boycot Non-Black Businesses Says Activist Group

The mere fact that there is an African American in office has not changed our reality. We are really stuck on stupid if we don't understand that symbolic power means nothing without mobilizing and organizing local communities across this nation.