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Why Africa Needs To Become More Like China

AFRICANGLOBE - When you are looking over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean from the harbour in Cape Town, it is easy to convince yourself that Africa’s long-term outlook is positive. A number of factors are pulling it in the right direction. The top 10 performing African countries have a combined growth rate that averaged 7.6% over the past decade. Nigeria, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique, Angola and Zambia also have a combined population of around 700 million people. Even over the past five years, hardly a benign environment, growth has been 6.6%.

REALLY: Why Africa Needs To Bash Chinese Migrants Less

AFRICANGLOBE - Anti-Chinese sentiment is on the rise in many African countries, and in some places, has often spiralled out of control with attacks on Chinese-owned businesses and individuals.

Africa Needs To Fully Leverage Its Oil And Gas Resources

AFRICANGLOBE - Much of the recent economic growth enjoyed by large parts of Africa has been a direct result of the positive momentum achieved in oil and gas production. The fact that this momentum has been driven by existing producers like Nigeria, Angola, Algeria as well as investment in new producing countries like Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, augurs very well for the future of oil and gas in Africa and for the potential for economic growth overall on the continent.

Africa Needs ‘Marshall Plan’ To Tackle Unemployment – Tony Elumelu

AFRICANGLOBE - Africapitalism proponent and chairman of Heirs Holdings Limited, Tony Elumelu, has said that Africa must do more to tackle the threat of unemployment, which risks derailing the continent’s much-touted economic growth.

Africa Needs New Models for Economic Growth

Africa's liberation movements have dismally failed to deliver on their promises because they were simply unrealistic and unachievable. The liberation movements promised political freedom to...

Africa Urged to Diversify, Turn to Agriculture

Africa needs to embrace economic diversification as well as focus on agribusiness to lift the continent out of poverty and put it on the...