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Ashenda: Ethiopia’s Festival Of Women

AFRICANGLOBE - It is a cultural celebration associated with northern Ethiopia especially to the Tigray and Amhara regional states. It is uniquely female as it is reserved for girls and young women. It is a yearly event during which the target group engage in different fun activities including drumming, dancing and socialization. It usually takes place between August – September.

Lalibela Among 100 Best Places On Earth To Visit

AFRICANGLOBE - Travel Guide publisher Rough Guides names Ethiopia’s Lalibela as one of the “100 Best Places on Earth – the Ultimate Travel Bucket List”. Rough Guides’ new book reveals 100 of the most extraordinary places to visit in the world – the ultimate travel bucket list, which is to be published on 1st September.

African Nations To Fight Illegal Western Sanctions On Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Removal of sanctions against Zimbabwe will top the agenda of the coming summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc). The minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Palamagamba Kabudi said this was one of the recommendations which will be presented to the regional leaders during their Summit over the weekend. The sanctions were imposed by the western countries nearly 20 years ago during the leadership of the president Robert Mugabe following the reclamation of commercial farms from white settlers who forcibly took over the land from Zimbabweans.

Six Places In Africa You Must See

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is known for being rich in history and for its role as the cradle of mankind. It is approximated that in Africa, South Africa leads with over 10 million tourists annually followed by Zimbabwe with 2.4 million. The number of tourists in Kenya also jumped with visitors growing to over 2 million in 2018 from 1.4 million in 2017, according to recent government statistics. World Tourism Organization noted that island destinations like Seychelles and Cape Verde both reported twice the growth in the number of tourists  because of increased air connectivity. Here are some of the places you must visit in Africa:

The Truth About Religion And Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The Bible and the Quran are found in Africa at higher rates than and other books, pastors and imams outnumber medical doctors and engineers. Churches and mosques outnumber schools and other higher institutions of learning. Faith is reining over logic and common sense just as belief is rated above facts and reality.

Ghana’s Economy Will Grow Faster Than Any Other Country This Year

AFRICANGLOBE - Long known as one of the world’s largest cocoa producers, Ghana’s growth is now being buoyed by a different commodity: oil. Expanding crude production and rising prices have placed Ghana’s economy at the top of the GDP growth tables. The International Monetary Fund estimates GDP will rise 8.8% this year – double the pace of emerging economies as a whole, and well ahead of global growth.

CFA Franc – The Currency France Use To Plunder Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The drawbacks of Africa's CFA Franc currencies are being more hotly disputed than ever before. Some Africans see it as a colonial hangover. Voices calling for the abandonment of the French-back CFA franc, used in West and Central Africa by 14 countries - 12 of them former French colonies - seem to be growing louder.

How The African Continent Fell

AFRICANGLOBE - A detailed explanation of how the African continent went from being at the apex of civilization and wealth the being conquered by foreign barbarians, who sold its people into slavery and engineered the continent into a long period of backwardness, stagnation and humiliation.

Israel Pushing For Foothold In Africa With Military Training

AFRICANGLOBE - A report says Israeli commandos are training local forces in more than a dozen African nations where Israeli arms exporters are already accused of being complicit in war crimes.

Italy Just Told France The Truth But Africa Wasn’t Listening

AFRICANGLOBE - In the continuous European game of shifting blames over rescuing African migrants floating in European waters, angry Italy lashed out at self-righteous France. Mr. Luigi Di Maio, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister said: "France is one of those countries that by printing money for 14 African states prevents their economic development and contributes to the fact that the refugees leave and then die in the sea or arrive on our coasts."The Italians are referring to the 74-year-old colonial French policy splitting its colonies in Africa into two currency zones with eight countries making the West African Economic and Monetary Union and six others constituting the Central African Economic and Monetary Community, and imposing the French Franc, CFA, on them.

Only Africans Will Save Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa often to their own chagrin, look to the West and now East (China), believing falsely that the potions from these two sides are better than their own. Everyone goes to AFRICA and become millionaires, but hardly do Africans go to countries like India, China, Lebanon, Pakistan, Israel, and become millionaires. Obviously, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

US To Counter Russia And China In Africa Says John Bolton

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States plans to counter the rapidly expanding Chinese and Russian economic and political influence in Africa, US national security adviser John Bolton said on Thursday (Dec 13), calling business practices of the two nations "corrupt" and "predatory."

I Know Which Country The US Will Invade Next

AFRICANGLOBE - By the end of this column, it will be clear which country the United States will invade and topple next. Or failing that, it will be clear which country our military-intelligence-industrial complex will be aching to invade next.

Ethiopia Wants To Blast Economy Forward With Satellite Launch

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia plans next year to join an exclusive club of African nations: those with their own national satellites. The country's first satellite, due to be launched in September with China's help and backing, is being put in place in part to track environmental concerns, said the head of the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI).

Africa Could Learn From China

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe and China enjoy strong bilateral relations honed since the liberation struggle, in modern times. History suggests that contact between the two peoples — directly or indirectly — may have come much earlier, perhaps seven millennia ago.

The Ten Most Developed Countries In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The annual report by the United Nations Development Programme usually measures a number of factors to give a comprehensive overview of development. Thus, instead of focusing on economic growth, it looks at other factors such as health and life expectancy, education and standard of living.