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Uganda’s Population Will Hit 55 Million By 2025

AFRICANGLOBE - Experts are predicting an increase in Uganda's population from 40.3 million to 55 million by 2025. Musa Lwanga, an Economic Policy Researcher says over 40% of the population will be below 18 years of age and that 23% will be between 18 and 50 years. He says if nothing changes the country will grapple with crisis-level dependency rates as the majority of the population will be unproductive.

Africa Is The Current Investment Frontier

AFRICANGLOBE - After 20 years of running businesses in emerging markets, I see the opportunity in Africa as one of the greatest in the world today. Parts of Africa will transform their economies in the coming decades just as parts of Asia, America and Europe have done in their time.

Nigeria Now Has A Population Of 201 Million People

AFRICANGLOBE - The United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) said in its 2019 State of the World Population report that Nigeria has a population of 201 million.Nigeria has had an average population growth of 2.6% between 2010 and 2019. Africa's most populous country grew by about 5 million people from 2018 when UNFPA gave the population as 195.9 million.