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Promoting Black Entrepreneurship In Baltimore

AFRICANGLOBE - A new research study looked at data from urban centers around the U.S. and found that in areas where Black individuals were increasing their business ownership, there were positive results beyond the business bottom line.

Buy Black Empowerment Movement Sees Progress In Kansas City

AFRICANGLOBE - The Black community is being urged not to do any shopping unless it’s with a Black-owned business. It’s part of “Blackout,” a movement organized by the National Black United Front in response to civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo.

Keeping Our Money Within Our Community

AFRICANGLOBE - According to a report published by the NAACP in 2012, discovered the following: “Currently, a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish communities approximately 20 days and White communities 17 days. How long does a dollar circulate in the Black community? 6 hours!!! African-American buying power is at 1.1 Trillion; and yet only 2 cents of every dollar an African-American spends in this country goes to Black owned businesses.”

The History Of Surveillance And The Black Community

AFRICANGLOBE - The history of Black people in America is intimately linked with surveillance by the federal government in the name of "national security." Indeed, the history of surveillance in the African-American community plays an important role in the debate around spying today and in the calls for a congressional investigation into that surveillance.

African-American Unemployment Is Still Shamefully High

AFRICANGLOBE - Nationwide, African-American workers today are facing 13.2 percent joblessness. In some large states, the rate is far worse.

Rahm Emanuel Faces Backlash From Chicago’s Black Community

AFRICANGLOBE - Chicago’s African-American community is expressing its frustration with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, as the city continues to suffer in his second year in office.

New Sanford Police Chief Aims to Ease Racial Tensions

The interim police chief of Sanford, Florida the city force embroiled in controversy from the Trayvon Martin killing said that he wants to improve race relations...

New Anti-Abortion Billboard Points Fingers at Black Leaders

In an attempt to capture of the attention of the African-American public on the issue of abortion, yet another controversial billboard targeting Blacks has sprung up — this time in Atlanta.