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The Latest Effort To Obliterate Black People From San Francisco

AFRICANGLOBE- When it comes to the African American community, the people running San Francisco have been very insensitive and shown no sense of urgency about correcting the social, educational, and economic ills of African Americans.

Economic Development And The African-American Culture

AFRICANGLOBE - In the Black community what the rest of the world already knew and had been capitalizing on for a very long time. This crystallized into a realization: Black Culture Sells. And it is a very profitable commodity.

Kwanzaa Expo Mixes African-American Culture With Technology

AFRICANGLOBE - A Kwanzaa expo with a Silicon Valley twist drew young people to San Jose from all over the Bay Area on Saturday for a lively celebration of African-American culture. Along with dance and music celebrating the annual African-American holiday at the Kwanzaa Village Youth Expo was a message: