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Jet Magazine Ending Print Publication

AFRICANGLOBE - Jet magazine, the digest-sized publication that has been a staple among African-American readers for 63 years, is getting out of the print business. Johnson Publishing announced Wednesday that Jet, which has a circulation of more than 700,000, will transition to a digital-only format in June.

The First African-American Piano Manufacturer

AFRICANGLOBE - At the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival in February, one couldn't help but notice the striking new grand piano on the main stage, emblazoned with the name SHADD. When the many accomplished pianists that wee­­kend sat down to strike those keys, it was equally easy to spot their delight in the instrument.

Black On Black Crime – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Every single time an African American says something about George Zimmerman, Donald Sterling or someone else who has committed some act perceived to be hurtful or harmful to African Americans wicked people usually have the same reactions. People with devilish intentions are bound to ask, “What about Black on Black crime?”

Most Americans Don’t Think Obama Is Actually Black – Survey

AFRICANGLOBE - Four years ago, President Barack Obama ticked off a box in a U.S. Census form that said, "Black, African American, or Negro." But according to a new poll, a majority of Americans do not think that the first African-American president in the United States is truly Black,

Black Lawmakers Ask Army To Reconsider New Hairstyle Rule

AFRICANGLOBE - During slavery and for generations after, hair texture, along with skin complexion, was used to classify which enslaved Blacks were more valuable, given jobs in the captors' house rather than the field, and — by default — deemed beautiful. Straighter hair, lighter skin and features that looked White were considered preferred traits. Those values were internalized and perpetuated within the Black community for years in a way that was particularly damaging to the self-esteem of Black women

13 African-American Jews Facing Deportation From Israel

AFRICANGLOBE- Israel's High Court of Justice will hear an appeal Thursday against a decision by the state to deport 13 African-American Jews from Israel on the grounds that their conversion was bogus.

The Case For Homeschooling Black Children

AFRICANGLOBE - There are so many benefits to homeschooling beyond academics. Most schools spend more than 33 percent of the day disciplining students. And bullying has become a significant issue. One of every six Black males is suspended and large numbers are given Ritalin and placed in Special Education. These problems seldom, if ever, exist in the homeschool environment.

Horror: More African-American Babies Aborted In NYC Than Born

AFRICANGLOBE - A new report from the New York City Department of Health reveals that, in 2012, more African-American babies were aborted than born. Here are the stunning numbers from the Summary of Vital Statistics 2012 The City of New York, Pregnancy Outcomes:

White Candidate Wins After Leading Tex. Voters to Think He’s Black

AFRICANGLOBE - This is one of the few times a White guy has pretended to be a Black guy and fooled Black people." If you're a conservative White Republican running for public office in an overwhelmingly African-American area, you'll almost certainly face an uphill climb to victory. The road might be a bit easier, however, if your campaign advertisements strongly imply that you're Black.

Black Numbers Are Up In Congress, But Power Is Down

AFRICANGLOBE - When Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech 50 years ago this week, just five African-Americans held seats in Congress. There are 44 today. But those numbers mask a hard reality: Even with an African-American in the White House, Blacks arguably have less clout in Congress than they did in 1963.

Black Students At University Of Texas Attacked By Epidemic Of ‘Bleach...

AFRICANGLOBE - On Wednesday, University of Texas student Bryan Davis, who is African American, was struck by a bleach-filled balloon (bleach bombs) while he was walking to visit a friend in a neighborhood populated by UT students.

African American Pessimism On Racial Progress At 20 Year High –...

AFRICANGLOBE - African Americans are increasingly pessimistic that progress is being made toward achieving the vision of racial equality outlined by Martin Luther King Jr. 50 years ago. In a poll for the Pew Research Center, only 26 percent of African Americans said the situation for Black people has improved in the last five years and

Trayvon Martin Case A Travesty Of Justice

AFRICANGLOBE - The "not guilty" verdict for George Zimmerman's killing of Trayvon Martin did not come as a surprise to African Americans or anyone familiar with the US justice system. Ultimately, the trial was theatre because the decision to clear Zimmerman was effectively made the same day that he shot Trayvon, a 17-year-old African American.

Letter To African American Youth: Time To Get Serious

AFRICANGLOBE - The standard for what is considered “ok” or reasonable in terms of a mate is at an all-time low for African American women. People should want the best out of life, not just the bare minimum, and that relates to everything including your significant other.

For Black Americans, An Even Split In Financial Perceptions

AFRICANGLOBE - The effects of the housing crisis and a recession — both of which disproportionately affected African-Americans — didn't seem to dampen a sense of optimism and overall life satisfaction among respondents

Dumb People Can Learn Something From Black Visionaries

AFRICANGLOBE - In his book “The Mis-Education of the Negro,” Dr. Carter G. Woodson noted his concern whether “educated” African-Americans are actually equipped to face the ordeals that Black people have to deal with or are they unconsciously contributing to their own undoing and demise by perpetrating the regime of the oppressor and the exploiter.