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A Very Tough Election for Black Candidates Not Named Obama

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama won a second term in the recent election, but it wasn’t a great week for other African-American candidates. Despite Obama’s big...

Why Blacks Are More Likely to Start a Business, But Whites...

Many African-Americans want to run their own businesses. Some surveys show that African-Americans are more interested in running their own businesses than Whites. African-Americans...

Black Defendants, White Jury

AFRICANGLOBE- It was a high profile criminal trial - that resulted in a hung jury. Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox was on trial last month...

Black Churches Divided Over Gay Marriage

AFRICANGLOBE - A source of debate across the country and the subject of ballot measures in four states this year, same-sex marriage remains a thorny issue within the African-American community, where objections are deeply rooted in culture, religion and biblical teachings.

Obama Will Lose The Election If African-Americans Don’t Turn Out to...

In 2008, African-Americans clinched the White House for Barack Obama by turning out to vote in record numbers. In that year's U.S. presidential election,...

The African American Achilles Heel

Black unity has served African Americans well – until now, when the enemy has a Black face. Suddenly, our tried-and-true instincts betray us and...

Every 36 Hours a Police Lynching Takes Place in America

AFRICANGLOBE - Throughout the early part of the 20th century, African-American activists fought to thwart the systemic scourge of lynching. Faced with a silent and complicit populace, particularly the media and political establishment, African Americans forced the nation to bear witness to the depravity of American racism.

African American Entrepreneur In Talks to Acquire Detroit Telecom

VoxPlus, a highly capable, Detroit-based telecom firm, is being targeted for acquisition by African American entrepreneur Joseph Durham and a group of private investors....

Black Scholar: Obama a Hollow Prize for African Americans

They are his most unified and ardent supporters, but now some Blacks are questioning whether it was worth making a “race-neutral” president the first...

Vitamin D Could Reduce Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women

It was already established that African American (AA) women had more chances of getting cancer in the early ages and the developed tumors could be more...

Campaign Targets the Epidemic of Abortions Among African American Families

At the bleak intersection of Broadway and Newton Avenue in Camden, a man reverently kisses the bare belly of a beaming, very pregnant woman. The...

Some Blacks Still Reject Their African Identity

The labels used to describe Americans of African descent mark the movement of a people from the slave house to the White House. Today,...

African American Workers: False Expectations About Retirement Saving

I am an African American financial advisor. However, African Americans and other minorities have been a very small part of my wealth management business—so small, in fact, that the phenomenon spurred me to discover if what I have experienced holds true across the countr