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1 In 13 Black Adults Prohibited From Voting In The United...

AFRICANGLOBE - One out of every 13 African-Americans is prohibited from casting a ballot in the United States. These men and women lost their right to vote because of felony convictions.

State Of Black America: Injustice ‘On Every Front’

AFRICANGLOBE - Justice for African Americans was challenged “on every front” in the past year according to a report released Thursday — especially in terms of accountability for police misconduct, erosion of voting rights and widening economic gaps. “Simply put, the state of Black America is in crisis,”

How Black-Owned Businesses Help Reduce Youth Violence

AFRICANGLOBE - According to a new study published in Urban Affairs Review, the growth of Black-owned businesses was strongly linked to a reduction in Black youth violence between 1990 to 2000.

5 Horror Stories From The DOJ’s Ferguson Police Report

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2011, a 14-year-old Black boy was mauled by a police dog handled by a Ferguson officer while he waited for friends in an abandoned house. According to the police account of the incident, the boy was found hiding in a storage unit by the officer and refused to comply. But the boy, who was interviewed by investigators, provided a dramatically different account. He says he was given no warning before the attack, and was instead chased down by the dog, who first bit his ankle and then went for his face, but was parried by his left arm, which took the bite.

‘It’s The Blackness That Scares Everybody’: Why White People Favor ‘African...

AFRICANGLOBE - A new study from professor Erika Hall of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School suggests that white people have a far more negative view of the term “Black” than they do of the term “African American.” For instance, study participants routinely concluded that a person had a higher level of education and job status, if that person was referred to as African American rather than Black.

11 Facts About Racial Discrimination In America

AFRICANGLOBE - Reports show that nearly 50% of Americans under 18 are minorities. The trend projects a reversal in the population where by 2030, the majority of people under 18 will be non-white, and by 2042 non-whites will be the majority of the U.S. population.

U.S. Justice Report Finds Blatant Pattern Of Racial Bias In Traffic...

AFRICANGLOBE - The U.S. Justice Department is expected to release a report this week blasting police in Ferguson, Mo. for discriminatory traffic stops of African-Americans that have created years of racial tension in the small midwestern town, the New York Times reports.

“African American Family Headed For Extinction”

AFRICANGLOBE -African Americans represent 14% of the nation. Nearly 80% of those below the poverty level abandon their children. While the rate of African American women having children is in decline, 71% of children are in families headed by a single parent.

Black-Owned Banks Are In A Fight For Their Survival

AFRICANGLOBE - Capital Savings Bank opened shop in Washington in 1888, making it the nation's first Black-owned bank at a time when the mere notion of offering financial services to the African American community was a novel idea. Now Black-run banks are in a fight for survival, even though many advocates argue that many African Americans remain starved for banking services.

D.C., Where Blacks Are No Longer A Majority, Has A New...

AFRICANGLOBE - As of Wednesday, a full-time employee will advocate for Black residents in the city of Marion Barry, Duke Ellington and Charles Drew — a “Chocolate City” where Blacks made up 70 percent of the population a generation ago but now no longer represent a majority.

The Shocking Decline In African-American Household Mobility

AFRICANGLOBE - Today, a defining feature of African American families is their lack of mobility. New research finds that even before the recession, Black households in the U.S. experienced a stark slowdown in their mobility.

The Gantt Report – 2015 A New Day And A New...

AFRICANGLOBE - This 1950s strategy of marching and praying every time something bad happens to Black people is out dated, played out and pretty much reactionary. In 2015, we shouldn’t hope and hope and hope for a better day. We should work and fight for a better life! You don’t have to take my word for it but most African Americans don’t have many problems that money can’t solve.

Employment Situation Improves In October–Except For Black Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - The employment situation in October improved in every way for most Americans, except for African Americans, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Nielsen Forecast: Black Americans Expected To Spend The Most This Holiday...

AFRICANGLOBE - African-Americans are expected to be the heavier spenders this season according to a Nielsen forecast. Trends such as rising consumer confidence in the economy, lowered inflation and falling gas prices indicate that consumers overall are eager to spend more this holiday season than last year.

Young White College Grads Are Pushing Blacks Out Of Cities

AFRICANGLOBE - How do we make sense of the fact that America’s most progressive cities, the ones that cherish diversity, are losing African Americans? And that the most conservative places are doing the opposite?

Are Black Americans Abandoning The Democratic Party?

AFRICANGLOBE - Long considered stalwarts for Democratic candidates, are African Americans now turning on the party? A new video appears to illustrate growing anger with Democrats at the state, local and national levels.