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Scientists Looked At The DNA Of These Pacific Islanders, And Were...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Melanesian people probably never thought they’d be so crucial to our understanding of humanity’s origins. But when a group of scientists decided to look closer into the DNA of the remote Pacific islanders, they made a startling discovery. And it’s one that could turn our comprehension of ancestry on its head.

A Lot Of Southern Whites Are A Little Bit Black

AFRICANGLOBE - Six million Americans who describe themselves as white have some African ancestry, according to a new study. Southern whites are considerably more likely to have African ancestry than whites from other regions: "European Americans with African ancestry comprise as much as 12% of European Americans from Louisiana and South Carolina and about 1 in 10 individuals in other parts of the South," the authors found.

Identity In Brazil: “Our Children Do Not Know That They Are...

AFRICANGLOBE - If you weren’t born and raised in Brazil (or any other Latin American country for that matter) the question of Black identity may not seem to be a complex issue. In the US, fr example, one is either Black or they are not, although one could argue that the multi-racial category/identity has significantly contributed to the debate.

Why We Can’t Ignore Obama’s Bigoted Critics

AFRICANGLOBE - We can’t ignore bigotry and racially-inflammatory comments, especially when the racism and disrespect to President Barack Obama comes from a United States senator. We must constantly remind African American people why it’s important to vote and why it’s crucial, now more than ever, to become involved in the political process.

Vitamin D Could Reduce Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women

It was already established that African American (AA) women had more chances of getting cancer in the early ages and the developed tumors could be more...