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Why America Is Back In African Business

AFRICANGLOBE - Although many observers believe that this U.S. economic move on Africa comes a bit late, the real message of this summit is that America is back in African business

Africa Business Confidence Remains World’s Highest

AFRICANGLOBE - Business confidence in Africa remains the highest in the world, according to the, annual YPO Global Pulse Confidence Index for Africa. Business confidence, which in essence refers to confidence among African business leaders about business conditions in the continent, had leapt more than six points in the fourth quarter of last year.

Diary Of An Under 30 CEO: Owning Your Business

AFRICANGLOBE - As hordes of Under 30 CEOs emerge, changing phenomena to norm in African business, the need to equip a vibrant business savvy generation with the necessary tools to create sustainable businesses is of utmost importance. However, the question is: How and at what cost?

African Business: A Rising Force

AFRICANGLOBE - Mines and oil still dominate the landscape of African capitalism, but new sectors are developing, generating jobs and added value. Some things never...

The 10 Most Successful Female Business Leaders In Africa Today

More and more, African women are moving away from their traditional homemaking role and making a real mark on the continent’s business scene. As...