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East African Nations To Ban Foreigners From Adopting African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - The Rwandan government banned international adoptions when it was discovered that four Norwegian men, who approached her looking to adopt 400 children, had a contract with hospitals that would then sell children to interested parents.

‘Madonna Turns Malawi Adopted Kids Into Slaves’

AFRICANGLOBE - David Banda and Chifundo Mercy James have once again become social media sensations but this time not for the dance moves to their foster mother's songs but in what some commentators have said it is their turning down into slaves for the pop icon.

Former Australian Tennis Star Bob Hewitt Convicted Of Raping African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Bob Hewitt, a former Grand Slam doubles champion, has been convicted in a South African court of rape and sexual assault. Judge Bert Bam said he was satisfied that the two women who had accused the retired tennis player of rape and a third woman, who had accused him of sexual assault, were telling the truth. The charges stemmed from events in the 1980s and 1990s, when Hewitt coached the women as young girls. Hewitt, 75, denied all three charges.

French Soldiers Under Probe For Raping African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - France is investigating allegations that its "peacekeepers" sexually-abused children in the Central African Republic after a leaked UN report said victims as young as eight were raped in exchange for food and money.

UN Report: French Soldiers Raped African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Some of the French soldiers alleged to have sexually abused children in Central African Republic while there on peacekeeping duties have been identified, a French judicial source said on Thursday. The matter came to light this week when Britain's Guardian newspaper said it had acquired a U.N. report that raised allegations of the rape of young boys by French troops.

UN Report Accuses French Soldiers Of Raping African Children In CAR

AFRICANGLOBE - Britain's Guardian newspaper said it had acquired a U.N. report that first raised allegations of the rape of young boys by French troops. A French judicial source said the prosecutor's office had received that report in July 2014, and had asked for assistance from Central African authorities in investigating whether there had been abuse of minors.

South Africa: White Teachers Suspended For Abusing African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Two White principals and a teacher in South Africa have been suspended after investigators found they routinely abused Black children, an online report has said.

Missionary Rapist Mathew Durham Pleads Not Guilty To Charges

AFRICANGLOBE - Prosecutors allege that Durham, who has worked as a volunteer at the children's home since June 2012, sexually molested as many as 10 children ages 4 to 10 between April 30 and June 17.

5 Facts About Missionary Rapist Matthew Durham

AFRICANGLOBE - American teenager and Christian missionary Matthew Durham faces a possible life in prison sentence after authorities say they learned about shocking crimes he allegedly committed on an African mission trip. The suspect was volunteering at a Kenyan children’s home when he allegedly raped and molested a number of young children. Here’s what you need to know:

American Couple Found Guilty In Qatar Of Murdering Adopted Black Child...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Los Angeles couple was sentenced to three years in jail in Qatar for causing the death of their adopted African-born daughter, who was found to have died of starvation, in a case that has raised concern in Washington.

‘Racism No Longer A Valid Argument For Black Underachievement’

AFRICANGLOBE - Black pupils are making faster improvements at Britain's General Certificate of Secondary Examination (GCSE) than any other ethnic group, recently published figures have revealed. Teenagers of African backgrounds are now significantly outperforming their Caribbean peers, as well as White British children academically

In Nigeria, ‘Queens of Africa’ Dolls Outsell Barbie

AFRICANGLOBE - With a booming economy in Nigeria and more African children than anywhere else in the world, Taofick Okoya was dismayed some years ago when he couldn't find a Black doll for his niece. The 43-year-old spotted a gap in the market and with little competition from foreign firms such as Mattel Inc, the maker of Barbie, he set up his own business. He outsourced manufacturing of doll parts to low-cost China, assembled them onshore and added a twist - traditional Nigerian costumes.

French Court Jails Couple For Kidnapping African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - In France, the trial of six members of a French charity convicted in Chad for trying to kidnap over 100 children finished on Wednesday. Lawyers for defendants in the dock argued that they had been mesmerised by a charismatic cult leader.

One in Three Children Will Be Born in Africa by 2050:...

AFRICANGLOBE - Shifting population trends mean that one in three children born by 2050 will be African, the UN Children’s Fund says. UNICEF’s new study...