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New Temples Discovered In Sudan Has Never Before Seen Architecture

AFRICANGLOBE - A veteran Swiss archaeologist has unearthed three temples in Sudan built thousands of years ago, a discovery he says promises to throw new light on Africa’s buried ancient past. The round and oval shaped structures dating from 1,500 to 2,000 BC were found late last year not far from the famed archaeological site of Kerma in northern Sudan. “This architecture is unknown … there is no example in central Africa or in the Nile Valley of this architecture.”

See Some Amazing Footage Of The Ancient Pyramids In Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - See some Amazing footage of Pyramids in in Sudan. What did the Nubians use these Pyramids for? Are we missing something about these Pyramids? Why were they built? Armed with a remotely operated mini­-helicopter, National Geographic engineer Alan Turchik gets a bird’s­-eye view of 3,000-­year-­old royal burial chambers. The unique perspective is helping to unravel ancient Nubian mysteries.

Save Nubia, Sudanese Dams Set to Bury Ancient African Civilization

The Arab minority government of Sudan has recently secured construction contracts for several dams, and the work on these hydroelectric projects will start soon...