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Favoured Spots Of Africa’s Rich And Famous

AFRICANGLOBE - There are so many good reasons for holidaying on the African continent, not least that the fact that your money provides a boost to African economies in tough economic times. Perhaps a better reason is this: Africa is home to some of the most prestigious, most exclusive and most luxurious resorts on Earth.

Telescope Array Could Usher In Astronomy Revolution In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Scientists are predicting an astronomy renaissance on the African continent in coming years, thanks in part to a giant radio telescope array being built there. But the road to cosmic cachet is not an easy one, and African science advocates are scrambling to take full advantage of the opportunities coming their way.

Africa Becoming A Global Hub For Doing Business

The African continent is increasingly becoming the global hub for doing business. A continent which not long ago was described as a ‘hopeless continent’ have risen above all odds to actually show the potential that it possesses.

10 Things To Know About Africa Before 2014

AFRICANGLOBE - Regarding the recent economic resurgence across the African continent, the question posed will read: should the Africa rising swansong be overplayed or understated? Should Africa focus on making it work instead of revelling in potential?

If Properly Managed, Oil and Gas Can Help Africa Lift Millions...

According to the Economic Report on Africa (ERA) 2013, Africa’s growth has been commodity-driven. Recent gas and oil discoveries are poised to generate significant revenue flows in coming years. This represents a unique opportunity for the continent to convert its resources into bankable investments that can lift millions of citizens out of poverty.

Africa Records Impressive 2.2 Trillion GDP Growth in 13 Years –...

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's GDP has increased from $600bn to $2.2 trillion since the year 2000 and the continent "now offers the highest risk adjusted return on investment... our economic managers are doing a reasonably good job navigating the difficult global economic slowdown.

Sony Sets $1.4b For African Electronic Markets

AFRICANGLOBE - Doing business in Africa, especially in electronics has triggered Sony, the American based company, to “set a $1.4 billion target for the continent’s electronics market”, due to the potential in Nigeria and other African electronic markets.

In Search of Incorruptible African Leadership

AFRICANGLOBE - In the 21st century, whoever examines the leadership crises on the African continent seems to have a few questions which still remain unanswered: could there still be some incorruptible leaders out there which the continent must reach out to? If yes, why have they refused to step forward at a time when the African people need them most?

African Continent Can Transform Within a Generation – Donald Kaberuka

AFRICANGLOBE - Speaking at the 23rd World Economic Forum on Africa on Thursday, May 9 in Cape Town, South Africa, African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka said "Africa has to find its own form of development that works for this continent."

Africa Business Confidence Remains World’s Highest

AFRICANGLOBE - Business confidence in Africa remains the highest in the world, according to the, annual YPO Global Pulse Confidence Index for Africa. Business confidence, which in essence refers to confidence among African business leaders about business conditions in the continent, had leapt more than six points in the fourth quarter of last year.

Foreign Investors See Great Potential Buried in African Soil

AFRICANGLOBE - The number of inhabitants on the African continent is growing rapidly. To date, there are an estimated one billion people living in Africa and that number is expected to double by 2050.

Kagame Urges African Unity, Integration

AFRICANGLOBE - President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has called on the African leaders and citizens to work towards continental unity and integration.

South African Minister Calls For Focus On African Economies

AFRICANGLOBE - A prominent South African government minister has called on the country’s businesses to re-ignite their attention to invest in African economies. South African companies have been moving in droves to invest in the African continent in the past couple of years. But clearly the minister believes that more needs to be done.

Africa’s High Growth Potential Cities

AFRICANGLOBE - Accra, Lusaka and Luanda, the capitals of Ghana, Zambia and Angola respectively, are the African cities with the highest potential for growth over the next five years, according to the MasterCard African Cities Growth Index released in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

An Analysis of the Enormous Growth Opportunities in African Economy

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the biggest business stories of this year has been the recognition by investors and the Obama administration that the African...

With Impressive Growth, Half Of Africa Now Middle Income

AFRICANGLOBE - Out of the all the countries in Africa, nearly half of them are considered middle-income countries based on the per capita income of their citizenry—a number that grows with each year as the African continent continues to be the second fastest growing region in the world behind Asia.