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Why Feminism Is A Ploy To Destroy Black/African Culture

AFRICANGLOBE - Not all cultures are like African cultures. And so why does feminism tell us that societies do not respect women and that women are at a disadvantage? How do we reconcile this feminist narrative with our reality that women have always been an integral part of Black society, such that we recognize dearly a Mother Earth and a Mother Africa? Before we readily and uncritically adopt feminism with open arms, we have to understand the position from which feminism makes its claims.

Unesco Highlights Ethiopia’s Intangible Gada Heritage

AFRICANGLOBE - The recognition of the Gada System, a political, economic and social system with a long history with which the people of Oromo have been governing themselves in a democratic way, is a proper decision of the committee. Even it should have been done years ago since the system was able to present democratic system before the westerners started thinking about it. Since the nation possesses similar cultures, they must get recognition very soon.

Brazil: Teaching Children The Beauty Of Blackness And African Culture

AFRICANGLOBE - Racism in Brazil is the perfect crime. The pervasive sentiments of anti-blackness was spread so well over the centuries that direct racism by the white population is not even necessary anymore as it is so deeply ingrained in the Black population that Black people themselves have accepted and help to spread this ideology.

Coconut-ism And The Death Of African Culture

AFRICANGLOBE - Black youths raised in 21st century South Africa have very little Black culture to identify with. Black culture tells them to wear long skirts and head scarves, and to leave the room when adults are talking. For leisure, old Black cultures tell them to sing hymns and dance half-naked on river banks. They want hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, miniskirts, gold stockings and red skinny-jeans.

Afro-Colombian Hair Dressing Competition, Vibrant Styles Poignant History

AFRICANGLOBE - Few hairdressing contests anywhere in the world could be as colourful as this one in Colombia. Women and girls of all ages sat patiently as brightly coloured fabrics and beads were weaved into their hair during the ninth Afro-hairdressers’ competition in Cali.

Brazil Finally Embracing, Celebrating Its Rich African Heritage

AFRICANGLOBE - In Brazil a Nigerian diviner dances and sings next to a Brazilian priest of the Candomblé religion, brought to this South American country by enslaved Africans, that is now being rescued from oblivion in school texts on national history and culture.