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Diary Of An Under 30 CEO: Owning Your Business

AFRICANGLOBE - As hordes of Under 30 CEOs emerge, changing phenomena to norm in African business, the need to equip a vibrant business savvy generation with the necessary tools to create sustainable businesses is of utmost importance. However, the question is: How and at what cost?

How African Politicians Gave Away $100bn Worth of African Land

With minimal consultation, African governments are signing away huge tracts of land for lease on the cheap. Now communities are raising their voices in...

Development Experts Call for African Self-Sufficiency

Africa needs to reduce its dependency on foreign aid and get to the point of financing its own development, some of the continent's key...

South Africa’s Aids Plan Starting To Pay Dividends

AFRICANGLOBE - In the past two years, South Africa has made significant investment in combatting HIV and "the impact is beginning to show", according to the UNAIDS report. The most impressive impact is on the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission. Around 95% of pregnant HIV positive women are now getting antiretrovirals to prevent there babies from the virus. This is a 30% increase since 200

Emerging Trend Towards Establishing Offshore Tax Havens in Africa

There is an emerging trend in Africa towards establishing our own offshore centres. One argument we hear is that it would modernise the African financial sector, and streamline the red tape in many countries