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Ethiopia’s Church In The Sky

AFRICANGLOBE - If churches were assessed by their risk factor, Abuna Yemata Guh would be our new Sistine Chapel. Perched 650 feet above a steep cliff in Northern Ethiopia, visitors face a 45-minute climb up the cliff’s vertical face in order to access the precariously positioned church.

Hundreds Of Ancient Egyptian Coffins To Be “Restored”

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt will "restore" hundreds of coffins dating back thousands of years to the time of the pharaohs as part of an American-Egyptian project to preserve and document one of the world’s oldest civilisations, a director of the project said. The conservation effort, funded by a US grant, will restore more than 600 wooden coffins that date to various eras of ancient Egypt and which are currently stored at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Benjamin Banneker’s 1791 Letter To Thomas Jefferson And Jefferson’s Reply

AFRICANGLOBE - Benjamin Banneker was an astronomer, mathematician, clockmaker, farmer, author of almanacs and one of the three city surveyors for Washington D.C. As a country, the U.S. was not quite 20 years old when Banneker was appointed city planner to the District of Columbia by U.S. President George Washington. Banneker's 1793 almanac contained what would be the earliest known policing plan for the new nation -- which had just won its freedom from Britain, titled "A Plan of Peace-office for the United States."

40,000-Year-Old Tools Used By Stone Age Artisans To Create Body Paint...

AFRICANGLOBE - With its rust and sand-coloured pigments, ochre was used at cave sites for thousands of years to paint pictures of animals and hand prints of our long-gone ancestors. Now, the remains of stone tools left by a community of cave dwellers in East Africa 40,000 years suggests they were carefully grinding it to paint themselves are create prehistoric art.

10 Known And Little-Known African Kings

AFRICANGLOBE - The African history is among the oldest history in the world. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the place is full of some great leaders and kings working their ways in to building a better world. Even though some of them may not be very well known, that doesn’t count them off from being some of the greatest African kings. Here are 10 known and little-known African Kings.

New Research Shows Tutankhamun’s Dagger Was Made With Iron From A...

AFRICANGLOBE - A dagger buried with King Tutankhamun was made from extraterrestrial iron from a meterorite, according to a new analysis. Two daggers — one iron and one with a blade of gold — were discovered in 1925 within the wrapping of the boy king, who was mummified more than 3,300 years ago and has mesmerised modern Egyptologists.

The Genealogy Of Alexander Pushkin

AFRICANGLOBE - Although the vast majority of African Americans are unfamiliar with Pushkin's monumental works, most students of literature are at least aware of his "Blackamoor of Peter the Great", an unfinished romance which relates the biographical data of the poet's great-grandfather, Ibrahim Petrovitch Gannibal his Black great-grandfather.

Ethiopia Races To Preserve ‘Africa’s Jerusalem’

AFRICANGLOBE - Conservationists are facing a race against time to prevent one of Ethiopia's most sacred religious site from crumbling away. The ancient churches of Lalibela in northern Ethiopia have been a place of pilgrimage for local Christians since they were constructed 800 years ago.

African History Month Concept (AHMC)

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the purposes of the African History Month Concept (AHMC) is to raise the level of consciousness of the Africans on the motherland and the Diaspora victims of the “misconceptions and distortions” of African history that is portrayed in present day world history.

The Case for African History Month

AFRICANGLOBE - During the 17th and 18th centuries, history was written by the Europeans that was mostly, distortions and misconceptions in order to justify and maintained their world dominance. Therefore, it's important for Africans from all walks of life to relearn history from their own perspective.

Timbuktu: Islamist Defending the Religion or Destroying it?

AFRICANGLOBE - For centuries Timbuktu has housed ancient manuscripts detailing the Afro-Islamic contributions to society, academia and civilisation. But last week the historic teachings and readings held in the Ahmed Baba centre came under threat when jihadist group Ansar Dine took destroying the library as they fled advancing international forces led by France.