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Number Of African Immigrants In The US Growing Steadily

AFRICANGLOBE - African immigrants make up a small share of the nation’s immigrant population, but their overall numbers are growing – roughly doubling every decade since 1970, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. There were 2.1 million African immigrants living in the United States in 2015, up from 881,000 in 2000 and a substantial increase from 1970 when the U.S. was home to only 80,000 foreign-born Africans. They accounted for 4.8% of the U.S. immigrant population in 2015, up from 0.8% in 1970.

South Africa Faces Backlash Over Anti-African Attacks

AFRICANGLOBE - South African vehicles were pelted with stones in Mozambique on Friday and South African companies are being threatened with closure in Nigeria. Protests have been held at various South African embassies across the continent, and several South African musicians have been forced to cancel concerts abroad.

South Africa Must End This War On Africans Now!

AFRICANGLOBE - There is a war in South Africa. Our African brothers and sisters are being openly attacked on the streets. It does not matter which country you were born in, or what part of South Africa you come from, or what language you speak. If you are poor and Black, you are excluded from this democracy with the open use of violence.

South Africa: Anti-African Violence Spreads To Major City Center

AFRICANGLOBE - "We want this message to go for the entire human race. To know that the Black people from foreign Africa are being burned alive," Abdurahman Hakizimana, a Burundian living in Durban, said as heavily armed police in riot gear stood nearby.

Black Immigration Is Remaking U.S. Black Population – Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The most recent wave of Black immigration began in the 1960s after U.S. immigration laws were changed. In recent years, the pace has increased. The most recent Census Bureau estimates show that immigration accounted for 25 percent of the growth in the U.S. Black population between 2010 and July 2013

Afrophobic South Africans A Threat To The Ruling ANC

AFRICANGLOBE - "Rather than a unified and inclusive citizenry that continues to struggle against the legacy of white oppression, we see a Black population that is willing to turn on Africans and other South African 'outsiders' in ways that reject the ANC's political legitimacy and promises,"

17 African Migrants Killed By Libyan Government Militias

AFRICANGLOBE - At least 17 people, mostly African immigrants, were killed Tuesday during a military pursuit on the road between the northwestern city of Tarhuna and capital Tripoli, a security source said.

African Immigrants Shifting National And New York Demographics

AFRICANGLOBE - Between 2000 and 2010, the number of legal African immigrants in the United States about doubled, to around one million. During that single decade, according to the most reliable estimates, more Africans arrived in this country on their own than were imported directly to North America during the more than four centuries of the slave trade.

South Africa: African Immigrants Experience A Spate Of Raids And Deportations

AFRICANGLOBE - African immigrants in South Africa are being deported with nothing on them. Deportees, leaving friends and relatives behind, lost their possessions, furniture and money.

African Immigrants In Libya Being Tortured

AFRICANGLOBE - Guards in migrant detention centers under Libyan government control have tortured and otherwise abused African migrants and asylum seekers, including with severe whippings, beatings, and electric shocks.

African Immigrants Excel Highest In U.S. Academics

AFRICANGLOBE - African immigrants who arrive to the United States to bolster their education are the top academic achievers among non-natives. In an older study conducted using U.S. Census data, it was reported that 48.9 percent of African immigrants hold a college diploma.

Dubai Court Upholds Sentence For Arab Woman Who Killed Ethiopian Maid

AFRICANGLOBE - A Dubai court has upheld a 15-year jail term for an Emirati woman who tortured her Ethiopian maid to death by forcing her to drink pesticide, media reported on Monday. The 46-year-old housewife was also accused of torturing a Filipina maid and beating up a third domestic worker whose nationality was not specified.

Criminal Gangs Are Targeting African Immigrants For Extortion – British Police

AFRICANGLOBE - Criminal gangs are demanding up to £20,000 from European 'contacts' of African immigrants for the release of hostages. British police have been warned that Africans in the UK are being targeted for extortion by gangs.

Immigration Debate Ignores Highly Skilled Black Workers

AFRICANGLOBE - According to the Migration Policy Institute, Black immigrants (especially Africans) are among the highest-educated, English-proficient and highest-skilled of migrant populations in the U.S. African migrants are, actually, more educated than Asian migrants. That drops dynamite on rigidly held notions and stereotypes about race and intelligence. African migrants even out-degree White immigrants from Europe, Russia and Canada 44 percent to 29 percent.

US Immigration Reform and the Illegal Caribbean and African Immigrant

AFRICANGLOBE - For the first time in many years, major immigration reform appears like a real possibility. Labeled as the mother of all policies, it is now considered the most crucial policy of the Obama administration.

Caribbean and African Immigrants Getting Blocked In New US Immigration Reform...

AFRICANGLOBE - Black lawmakers and civil rights groups are concerned by a proposal in the Senate's immigration reform bill that would do away with “diversity” visas that are often a pathway for African and Caribbean immigrants to enter the United States.