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10 Known And Little-Known African Kings

AFRICANGLOBE - The African history is among the oldest history in the world. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the place is full of some great leaders and kings working their ways in to building a better world. Even though some of them may not be very well known, that doesn’t count them off from being some of the greatest African kings. Here are 10 known and little-known African Kings.

10 Great African Kings You Should Know About

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of us call the Black men in our lives kings as a term of endearment, respect and encouragement, but with no extensive connection or education of Black royalty here in the Western world, those words seem nothing more than platitudes. As we celebrate the kings in our families, we’d like to introduce you to 10 real life Great Pre-colonial African Kings we should all know more about and identify with.