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Say I Love You In 49 African Languages

AFRICANGLOBE - We say “I love you” all-year round to friends, family, and significant others. Take the opportunity to say “I Love You” in one of these languages from Africa’s 54 countries.

South Africa Makes Learning African Language Mandatory

AFRICANGLOBE - In a country where English and other foreign languages are forced on African students, the South African Cabinet this week moved to make learning an African language mandatory for the country's students.

What Kind of African Doesn’t Speak Any African Languages?

AFRICANGLOBE - Last year, I attended a conference that brought together African thought leaders. In a session about African identity, we explored the question of whether one could claim to be African without being fluent in any African languages. A passionate, and near disruptive debate ensued almost instantly.

Zimbabwe: Let Us Promote Our Mother Languages

AFRICANGLOBE - As Africans, we must move away from that retrogressive mindset that deems anything indigenous as inferior to everything alien. We must be proud of our Africanness.

Ebonics, Patois: Legitimate Languages Or Broken English

They say wherever Africans were taken in the Americas, they took their culture with them. And so just as Jazz is African rhythms with...