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Leaked Cables Reveal Britain’s Extensive Spying Across Africa

AFRICANGLOBE- Top-secret British surveillance operations targeted the director of the World Trade Organization, several multinational corporations, a top French businessman, and heads of state across Africa, according to a new series of reports. In 20 countries across the continent, GCHQ monitored current and former heads of state, prime ministers, diplomats, military and intelligence chiefs, as well as leading figures in the business and finance industry.

The 10 Least Educated African Presidents

AFRICANGLOBE - Many studies have proved that educated politicians tend to make better politicians than those who are not educated. Highly educated leaders can easily lead their nation towards prosperity. Not all African leaders received higher education. Some of them don’t even have high school certificate or diploma. We look at the 10 least educated African presidents.

More Evidence Why Africa Must Ditch The International Criminal Court

AFRICANGLOBE - Calls for Africa to ditch the International Criminal Court continue to grow louder in the context of its unbridled bias towards the continent’s leadership. Since its inception, the ICC has been riddled with accusations of selective application of prosecution with more evidence now be unearthed of how the supposedly international court of appeal has become the West’s instrument of coercion against “errant” African leaders. Isn’t it clear that the ICC has, on several occasions, been exposed for its role in trying to destabilise Africa so that the West can plunder the continent’s resources? African countries, scholars and international relations experts unanimously contend that the ICC has become an instrument to further the West’s interests in dominating the developing world since the end of the Cold War.

The Amazing Story Of Tanzania’s New President John Magufuli

AFRICANGLOBE - John Magufuli is the Grinch who stole Uhuru, literally and figuratively. He’s also stolen a lot of other things since coming into office less than two months ago. Like luxury travel and other perks for public officials. Like free meals at official meetings. Like fat kickbacks for customs officials at Dar es Salaam port and in the Tanzanian Revenue Authority.

Top Ten African Leaders Of All Time

AFRICANGLOBE - Ramesses II (alternative spellings: Ramses, Rameses and known to the Egyptians as Userma’atre’setepenre, which means ‘Keeper of Harmony and Balance, Strong in Right, Elect of Ra’, known also as Ozymandias and as Ramesses the Great) was the third pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty. Ramesses lived to be 96 years old, had over 200 wives and concubines, 96 sons and 60 daughters, most of whom he outlived.

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere: A True Pan-Africanist

AFRICANGLOBE - Mwalimu Julius Nyerere was very committed to the cause of African Unity. He worked hard with other African leaders to bring the newly independent countries closer together. He was one of the founder leaders of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in May 1963.

African Leaders Must Help The Continent, Not Sell It Off

AFRICANGLOBE - Why are African governments removing their people from their land and leasing it to foreign owned companies? Why are we not standing up against our own governments, who even take water rights away from small African farmers to give them to foreign multinationals.

Kenyan Leaders To Obama: Don’t Lecture Us On Gay ‘Marriage’

AFRICANGLOBE - “Those advancing gay rights must similarly appreciate our Christian, Islamic and African traditional values which abhor homosexuality.” Pointing out that sodomy is a criminal offence in Kenya, Muturi said his government has the right to “sanction any advances perceived to encroach on our social fabric” and that he believes advocacy of same-sex "marriage" is a form of Western ideological oppression disguised as human rights.

Steer Clear Of Gay Agenda During Visit, Kenyan Leaders Warn Obama

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya's National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi and four lawmakers have cautioned US President Barack Obama against asking Kenya to embrace same-sex marriages. Assembly Speaker Kariuki Mate said on Monday that gay unions were against the African culture and would not be entertained in Kenya.

Why Not Bring Our African Americans Back Home?

AFRICANGLOBE - Perhaps it is about time to make a political statement about the oppression of black people in America and register Africa’s disgust at the situation unfolding in America where Blacks are targets of police brutality and murders.

African Leaders Launch Africa’s Largest Free Trade Area

AFRICANGLOBE - The proposed “Grand” FTA will stretch from Cape Town to Cairo, creating an integrated market with a combined population of almost 600 million people and a total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of about US$1 trillion.

The African Union’s Big Shame

AFRICANGLOBE - The AU has worked towards achieving some of its objectives (on paper). It has, however, mainly been a platform for African leaders to rile at the imperialistic West for meddling in their affairs and driving an agenda that is not in the best interests of Africa. Question is, do those African leaders themselves have the best interests of Africans at heart?

Africa Urged To Emulate Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe is on the verge of realising an economic growth which Africa had never known. African leaders have been challenged to adopt indigenisation and economic empowerment policies to enable their citizens to claim their stake in the continent and global village.

For Africa, A Renewed Quest For Integration

AFRICANGLOBE - The desire expressed the other day at a Conference of Ministers in Addis Ababa by some African leaders for increased ownership of the African project and integration was quite assuring and may have presented the continent with another opportunity to break away from a seemingly incurable lethargy.

What Will Mugabe Do For The African Union?

AFRICANGLOBE - At the height of their glory, many pre-colonial African states and empires found trade to be a better way to prosperity than through conquests.

French Colonial Tax Still Enforced In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - As of January 2014, 14 African countries are obliged by France, through a colonial pact, to put 85% of their foreign reserve into France Central Bank under French Minister of Finance's control. They are effectively putting in 500 Billion dollars every year to the French treasury. African leaders who refuse are killed or eventually become the victim of a coup. Those who obey are supported and rewarded by France with lavish lifestyle while their people endure extreme poverty, and desperation.