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Alarm Over Anti-African Violence In Morocco

AFRICANGLOBE - The medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) on Wednesday raised the alarm over increased violence against African migrants in Morocco, pointing a finger of blame at both Rabat and Madrid. “Violence is a daily reality for most African migrants in Morocco,” MSF said in a 40-page report.

Israel Imprisoning and Forcing African Migrants to Sign Deportation Forms

AFRICANGLOBE - Testimonies of jailed Eritrean migrants and asylum seekers (collected by a local NGO) say officials at the Saharonim prison in Israel's Southern Negev desert are coercing them to sign "voluntary repatriation" forms.

Chadian Migrants Detail Torture, Abuse of Africans in Libyan Detention

AFRICANGLOBE - In the violence immediately before and after Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was toppled in October 2011, thousands of African migrants were forced to flee Libya. Since then, however, the authorities have arbitrarily detained in harsh conditions, and subsequently deported, thousands more, according to former Chadian migrant workers.

How Did Israel Become So Hostile to African Migrants

"No human being is illegal. That is a contradiction in terms. Human beings can be beautiful or more beautiful, they can be fat or...

Shooting in Israel Leaves Three African Migrants Hospitalized AGAIN!

Gunfire in the Israeli financial capital Tel Aviv injured three African migrants on Saturday night in the city’s central bus station. Authorities not wanting...

Egypt Should Free African Migrants Being Tortured in Sinai – HRW

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt should use its increased security force presence in the Sinai Peninsula to free hundreds of African migrants held for ransom and abused by human traffickers and other criminals. Security forces should detain, investigate, and prosecute the traffickers.

African Migrants And Israel’s Apartheid Debate

AFRICANGLOBE - For followers of Israeli politics, none of this was surprising. In the preceding weeks, right-wing activists and politicians, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, had been attacking African migrants, repeatedly calling them a threat to Israeli society and security. It was just a matter of time before something like this happened.

Three African Migrants Injured After Their Home Was Fire Bombed by...

For the second time in a little over a month, arsonists targeted a Jerusalem apartment home to African migrants, seriously injuring an Eritrean man...

Israel; Where it is OK to Be Racist Against Africans

The inflammatory comments of Israeli politicians have stoked protests and attacks against African migrants in recent months. It is sad to se how Israeli people...

African Migrants Die of Thirst off N. African Coast: UN

Fifty four African migrants trying to reach Italy from Libya died of thirst after a 15-day voyage in which their rubber boat gradually deflated,...

Africans in Israel Attacked by Zionist Government, Racist Mobs

Since late May the rising animosity toward African migrants in Israel has reached a boiling point. After months of anti-African speeches in the Knesset...

Israeli Protesters Attack African Migrants in South Tel Aviv

Hundreds of Israelis protesters on Wednesday lead an anti-African march in the predominant African area of south Tel Aviv demanded that the Israeli government immediately deport all Africans.

African Migrants in Libya Migrants Facing Harsh Conditions

In one of the many rooms where detainees are held at Ganfouda detention centre in Libya's second largest city, Benghazi, Suleiman Mansour*, a young...

The Plight of African Migrants in Libya

At the battered terminal of Tripoli's tiny Mitiga airport, over 150 young men and women jostle to be repatriated home to Nigeria on Libya's...

Europe No Paradise for African Migrants

AFRICANGLOBE - Some manage to live a decent life in Europe, but many African immigrants become disillusioned. Jean N, called Jeannot by friends, is a Cameroonian migrant who has been living in Europe for 15 years. Before settling in Belgium nine years ago, he had tried his luck in Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

African Migrants Hit By Violence And Rape Amid Heightened Nationalism In...

AFRICANGLOBE - During the January protests and in subsequent weeks, media reports depicted a difficult situation for Cairo's refugee community: a sharp increase in sudden and forced evictions, as well as illegal arrests by Egyptian civilians for not carrying proper identification. Attacks and rape of women became more prevalent.