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Jacob Zuma Wounded In No-Confidence Vote After Parliamentary Ruckus

AFRICANGLOBE - The African National Congress’s (ANC) show of parliamentary support for President Jacob Zuma against an opposition no-confidence motion was badly damaged when 35 of the party’s MPs failed to vote after a raucous parliamentary debate on 10 November.

Black People Who Are Afraid Of White People Are The Enemy...

AFRICANGLOBE - “They must know that South Africa is our land and that South Africa belongs to all who live in it Black and White, but whites must be prepared to abandon arrogance and white supremacy. We need South Africa to serve all and not a few. We have been patient for far too long.”

Why South Africa’s Governing Alliance Is Doing Some Serious Stock-Taking

AFRICANGLOBE - For the first time since South Africa held democratic elections 21 years ago leaders of the governing African National Congress (ANC) and its alliance partners, the South African Communist Party (SACP) and Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), have gathered for a summit stretching over an entire week.

New African Farmers Take Root In South Africa’s Old Tribal Areas

AFRICANGLOBE - New farmers are turning the soil to profit in South Africa's old tribal homelands as Tshwane speeds the transfer of land from whites to Africans. Land is an emotive issue in South Africa, with most remaining in white hands 21 years after the end of apartheid despite the ruling African National Congress's efforts at redistribution.

South Africa: Zuma To Face Tough Questions In Parliament

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma will face fresh questions to repay millions of dollars used to upgrade his rural homestead during an appearance in parliament on Wednesday. Zuma was last year ordered by the public protector Thuli Madonsela to pay back some of the money used in the construction of the Nkandla residence.

Israel’s Africa Policies ‘An Exercise In Cynicism’

AFRICANGLOBE - South African spies have a deep disdain for their Israeli counterparts, with intelligence assessments accusing Israel of conducting "cynical" polices in Africa that include "fuelling insurrection", "appropriating diamonds" and even sabotaging Egypt's water supply.

The Beginning Of The End For The ANC?

AFRICANGLOBE - The African National Congress is facing political turmoil as cracks appear in the ‘tripartite alliance’ between the ANC, the unions and the Communist Party. The expulsion of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa from the Congress of South African Trade Unions, as well as an embarrassing incident in Parliament, have increased the pressure on President Jacob Zuma, writes Tom Nevin.

South Africa’s ANC Talks Tough On Land As Unrest Flares

AFRICANGLOBE - Land is an emotive issue in South Africa, where most of it remains in white hands despite ANC efforts at redistribution. The EFF wants to reclaim African land from white settlers, but the ANC has taken a more limp-wristed approach under a 'willing buyer-willing seller' scheme.

Malema Seeks Union Alliance To Combat ANC

AFRICANGLOBE - The Economic Freedom Fighters, South Africa’s second-largest opposition party, is seeking to join forces with the nation’s biggest labor union to take on the ruling African National Congress in next year’s municipal vote.

The Key Difference Between Nigeria And South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - This is the main difference between Jacob Zuma and the president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. Both men run Africa’s largest economies. Both men are controversial. But one man doesn’t hide from his foes.

African National Congress Struggle To Contain Union Conflict

AFRICANGLOBE- “This is one of the most important political events of the post-1994 period. It’s the culmination of a long period of tension and debate about the extent to which the unions should remain independent. The ANC will be quite worried.”

Does South Africa Have A Fascism Problem?

AFRICANGLOBE - Forged in the fires of the struggle against apartheid, the ANC aligned those who opposed the vile, racist regime. South Africa came together to face an apartheid enemy the ANC labeled "fascist." Today, while the ANC remains entrenched in power, its claim to being the party of the people is increasingly questionable. Many senior ANC leaders are mired in allegations of corruption, and the party has been accused, by the EFF and others, of showing disregard for the nation's poor.

The Cult Of The African National Congress

AFRICANGLOBE - I recently came across George Orwell’s 1984. Orwell is known for his insight into the behaviour of revolutionary governments. What I found in the book had me gasping for air. Click to read this article smart thinker.

Jacob Zuma Appoints First Lesbian To South Africa’s Cabinet

AFRICANGLOBE - The South African president and notorious womanizer, Jacob Zuma, has appointed the country's first openly lesbian cabinet minister, a move thought to be an appeasement tactic on a continent where homosexuality is seen as anathema to African values.

EFF MPs Enter Parliament Dressed As Maids And Miners

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's new EFF MPs attended their first parliamentary session dressed as maids and miners. Most of the women wore red coats and aprons, and the men overalls and hard hats - to show they intend to represent the interest of workers.

After ANC Victory, Internal Leadership Battles Begin

AFRICANGLOBE - The African National Congress overcame vigorous opposition to triumph in South Africa’s fifth democratic elections. Now the real battle begins — the one inside the ANC to succeed a scandal-prone president.