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Election Outcome: South Africa Moving Away From One-Party State

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa has, yet again, conducted free, fair, and credible national elections. With 99 percent of the votes counted, the governing African National Congress (ANC) has won 62 percent of the vote, the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has won 22 percent, while a new populist, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) won 6 percent.

South Africa Police Deploys Army To Quell Post-Election Violence

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa deployed its armed forces overnight to quell post-election unrest in a Johannesburg slum and police arrested 59 people as the ANC clamped down on violence following its victory at the polls. By calling in the army, the ANC government appeared to be taking a harder tack against public unrest than it has in the recent past. When violent labor unrest swept through South Africa's platinum-mining belt in 2012, the government put the army on standby but did not dispatch it.

South Africa’s ANC Rolls To Victory, Boosting Zuma Reform Clout

AFRICANGLOBE - The ruling African National Congress (ANC) swept toward victory in South Africa's fifth post-apartheid election on Thursday, handing President Jacob Zuma the clout to push through pro-business reforms in the face of union and leftist opposition.

A.N.C.’s Stature Wanes As Disenchantment Grows In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - When Jacob Zuma visited northern Limpopo Province on Wednesday, residents jeered him as he promised to attend to their grievances. In Malamulele, schoolchildren ran after his motorcade shouting “Zuma sucks,” according to South African reporters at the scene.

South Africa Marks 20 Years Of Freedom Ahead Of Election

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa marked two decades of multi-racial democracy on Sunday, still feeling the loss of Nelson Mandela and in somber mood just 10 days before elections which the ruling elite hopes will keep the African National Congress (ANC) party in power.

South Africa: ANC Facing Defections Ahead Of Critical Vote

AFRICANGLOBE - As South Africa's powerful ruling ANC hits 20 years in power, it is bleeding loyalists - including big-name supporters who helped the party back when it was banned and seeking to overthrow the oppression of White apartheid.

South Africa Divided As Election Looms

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's urbanites are increasingly vocal about their opposition to the ruling African National Congress, which they blame for a number of the nation's ills, including corruption. But the ANC has traditionally counted on strong support from the countryside, where many residents rely on government subsidies to survive.

Sharp Fall For ANC Expected In 2014 Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - The African National Congress (ANC) share of the vote in 2014 is expected to drop to 56.2% from 65.9% in 2009, Nomura South Africa estimates in its country view just weeks ahead of the poll.

Freedom Charter Is Key To New Struggle For South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - While he still breathed, Mandela’s symbolic aura shielded the ANC from the harsh verdict of history. The battle for the ANC’s soul got under way, and was eventually lost to corporate power: we were entrapped by the neoliberal economy – or, as some today cry out, we ‘sold our people down the river.

South African Police Fire Rubber Bullets At ANC Supporters

AFRICANGLOBE - South African police fired rubber bullets on Wednesday at supporters of the ruling ANC who tried to prevent members of the predominantly White opposition Democratic Alliance party from marching on ANC headquarters in central Johannesburg.

South Africa To Hold Elections In May, ANC Set For Reduced...

ARICANGLOBE - Formed in 2013, the EFF is the latest in a scattering of new political groupings that have emerged recently to try to challenge the ANC. Although still very young, the party is gaining traction with young South Africans who often sport red T-shirts and berets, like Malema, whose red beret has "Commander-in-Chief" embroidered on it.

New Political Alliance Collapse In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - A merger of two prominent South African opposition groups that was announced with much fanfare last week as a major realignment seemed to have collapsed in acrimony on Monday, further splintering resistance to the governing African National Congress.

South Africa: Political Merger Puts Black Face On White Opposition

AFRICANGLOBE - Opponents of South Africa’s governing African National Congress drew battle lines on Tuesday for national elections, announcing a political merger that will give the main opposition party its first Black candidate for president as it seeks a broader political legitimacy to challenge the long dominance of the A.N.C.

Lying Israelis Now Claim Nelson Mandela Was Trained By Mossad

AFRICANGLOBE - After widespread castigation of Israel for having supported the White apartheid Afrikaner regime, an Israeli scholar has come up with so-called "evidence" that Israel had secretly supported the African National Congress in the 1960s. In a piece published in the Israeli Haaretz, David Fachler claims to uncover the "unknown story of how Israel secretly trained anti-apartheid activists in 'judo, sabotage and weaponry,' including Nelson Mandela himself."

South Africa’s Biggest Union Cuts Ties With Jacob Zuma’s ANC

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's biggest union will not support the ruling ANC in elections next year, its general secretary has said, in a blow to President Jacob Zuma, whose political support with the working class is fast eroding. The salvo from the 330,000-member National Union of Metalworkers is also another sign that an alliance forged with the ANC in the common struggle against apartheid is falling apart.

Nelson Mandela And Barack Obama

AFRICANGLOBE - The US president was the first of six foreign heads of state to address the crowd assembled in Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium. Filled with demagogic phrases about “struggle,” “liberation,” “freedom” and “revolution,” the speech’s attempt to cloak Obama in the legacy of Nelson Mandela’s years of sacrifice, imprisonment and persecution was an obscene exercise in hypocrisy.