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Christopher Columbus From An African Perspective

AFRICANGLOBE - In October every second week on Monday, Columbus Day is celebrated in western culture in general and in the America's specifically. Unfortunately, most people celebrate his holiday without knowing the truth about Columbus's purpose for taking such risky voyages, and his horrendous behavior against the indigenous population, together with brutality against his own men.

Race, Stereotypes: Zimbabwe vs North America

AFRICANGLOBE - Once you have lived in the Diaspora for a while your view of the world somewhat changes. You begin to realise that corruption is everywhere and not only an African problem. Within advanced nations they change the wording and try to regulate the manner in which unfair practices are carried out. Therefore corruption is defined as lobbying. Nepotism is called affirmative action, bribery is defined as consultation fees, whilst tribalism is defined as grandfathering/legacy or patronage — take your pick.