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Ma’at As The Strategic Foundation Of African Geopolitical Thinking

AFRICANGLOBE - The central idea of Ma’at lay at the foundation of Kemet’s (Ancient Egypt) view of the world. The Pharaoh as the guarantor of state sovereignty and power was entrusted to maintain and enforce Ma’at. What is Ma’at and how can its ascension to a central role in modern African strategic geopolitical thinking play a role in returning Africa to its traditional powerful role in global power politics?

The Point Of Life – A Philosophy Of Imhotep

Life does not end when we die. It ends the moment we become silent about the things that matter. That sums up the point of our education, and indeed of our lives – to learn to embrace what matters, to learn to convene in dialogue about what matters, and to learn to express in writing to our peers what we think is important about what matters.