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Canadian Companies Loot Africa As NGOs Preach Charity

AFRICANGLOBE - While Canadian companies loot African resources, government-funded “charities” (aka NGOs) and the dominant media call on Canadians to walk for “hope” in Africa. Last weekend the Aga Khan Foundation Canada organized the World Partnership Walk in 10 cities across the country. In an article titled How the World Partnership Walk lets Canadians bring hope to African communities the organization’s International Development Champion, Attiya Hirj, writes about visiting Aga Khan Foundation and Global Affairs Canada sponsored projects in Tanzania and Mozambique.

Mali Looks To $9.5bn Rail Projects For Economic Diversification

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali is looking to its $9.5 billion worth railway projects to help open up its economy as improved transport links would attract investors to under-explored resources such as iron ore, bauxite and uranium that are bulkier and more costly to transport than gold- the country’s current economic mainstay.

The Great China ‘Takeover’ Of Africa Is Greatly Exaggerated

The great China takeover, however, may be something of a myth. China is Africa's biggest trading partner – it took the top spot from the United States in 2009 – and a large source of capital. Trade between Africa and China, which totaled $10.5 billion in 2000, ran $166 million in 2011.

Is China’s Investment in African Forests a Problem?

AFRICANGLOBE - Is China's investment in Africa's forests a positive or a negative? It depends on who you ask, but a new forum aims to at least make the Africa-China timber trade more transparent and easier for African policy makers to understand and act on. The China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform, launched this week, will research China's impact and influence over decisions about Africa's forests.