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African Union And Somali Soldiers Capture al-Shabab Stronghold

AFRICANGLOBE - Somali officials say about 1,000 Somali forces and African peacekeepers have retaken the southern port of Barawe, the last major port held by Islamist al-Shabab fighters.

Tuareg Terrorists In Mali Ends Ceasefire Vows Continued Attack

AFRICANGLOBE - An ethnic Tuareg terrorist group in Mali has said it is ending a ceasefire agreed with the government in June. It comes a day after clashes between Malian troops and Tuareg hooligans who prevented a visit by Prime Minister Oumar Tatam Ly to the town of Kidal.

French and Mali Troops Seize Gao Airport

AFRICANGLOBE - The French defence minister says French-led forces have wrested control of the airport at the terrist held town of Gao northeast of the Mali capital Bamako. In a statement, Jean-Yves Le Drian says the airport and a bridge at the southern entrance to the town have been seized from Al Qaeda-linked terrorists.

France Ramps Up Operations In Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - Thousands of French and African troops are on their way to Mali to push back an Islamist offensive. French forces continued airstrikes for the fifth day Tuesday (January 15th) against al-Qaeda-linked Islamists in Mali.

Mali: Rebel Leader Killed in French Air Strikes

AFRICANGLOBE - French Mirage fighter jets on Sunday pounded Mali for a third day and a top Islamic terror leader was reported killed as African troops headed to the west African country. "There were [air strikes] last night, there are now and there will be today and tomorrow," Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in televised remarks.