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The Good Muslim Arabs Of Libya Are Enslaving Blacks And Selling...

AFRICANGLOBE - Slavery is thriving in Libya, where thousands of Africans hoping to get to Europe instead find themselves bought and sold, forced to work for nothing, and facing torture at the hands of their owners.

Nigerians Protest Attacks On Its Citizens And Other Africans In South...

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigerians in Abuja reportedly staged an anti-xenophobia protest outside the South African embassy in the capital Abuja on Wednesday, calling on authorities to “stop attacks on African nationals”. The protest, organised by members of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, urged the South African government to urgently address the situation.

Africa’s Emerging Global Geopolitical Role In 2017

AFRICANGLOBE - What is Africa’s emerging role in this new alignment of global power? What should African countries and the African Union do in the face of the emerging geopolitical reality? The African Union is entering 2017 with a GDP in PPP terms of over 7 trillion dollars, roughly equal to the GDP of India. This substantial GDP coupled with the billion plus population of the AU makes the AU the 4th largest economy in the world in PPP terms after China, the USA and India respectively. The emerging system of competing Great Powers gives African countries and the AU the strategic geo-economic maneuvering space to develop economic links which serve the economic and geopolitical self-interest of African countries and the AU.

Nigeria Asks African Union To Step In To Stop Anti-African Attacks...

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria on Monday urged the African Union to step in to stop what it said were "xenophobic attacks" on its citizens and other Africans in South Africa. The presidency said there was a need for the continental body to "intervene urgently," claiming that in the last two years "about 116" Nigerians had been killed, including 20 last year.

Morocco: The Trojan Horse Within The African Union

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week Morocco secured the support of two-thirds of the African Union’s member states for re-admission to the continental body. Morocco could, however, prove to be a Trojan horse within the belly of the AU, serving to undermine the struggle for self-determination of Western Sahara as well as undermine unity within the continental body itself. It was only the Southern African member states that recognised the dangers and contradictions that Morocco’s inclusion in the AU posed to the continent, voting against it.

President Mugabe Blasts The African Union For Readmitting Morocco

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has lashed out at African leaders, saying they lack principles and are easily swayed after they voted to readmit Morocco to the African Union. Thirty-nine of 54 countries approved Morocco’s return to the AU. President Mugabe told journalists on arrival in Harare on Tuesday that most African leaders had no ideological grounding. “I think its lack of ideology.”

Africans, Not Foreign Donations, Should Fun The African Union

AFRICANGLOBE - The chairperson of the AU commission, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has said that Africa must be able to fund the African Union if the continent’s programmes are to be successfully implemented. “We must fund our own organisation. You can’t have an organisation that is funded by outside people [and yet] you have [your own] agenda."

Why African Countries Are Divided Over Israel’s AU Observer Bid

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel’s desire to become an African Union observer state and expand its diplomatic involvement in Africa is fraught with many obstacles. Even though Israel was an observer state in the Organization of African Unity (OAU) until its dissolution in 2002, eleven African countries still do not recognize Israel’s right to exist. Israel’s support for some African dictators, and alleged arms exports to Rwanda during the 1994 genocide have ensured that anti-Israel sentiments remain widespread amongst Africa’s political elites.

Morocco Wants To Rejoin African Union After 32 Years

AFRICANGLOBE - Moroccan King Mohammed VI has announced that his country wants to rejoin the African Union, 32 years after quitting the bloc in protest at its decision to accept Western Sahara as a member. “For a long time our friends have been asking us to return to them, so that Morocco can take up its natural place within its institutional family. The moment has now come,” the clearly delusional monarch said in a message sent to an AU summit.

SHAMEFUL: Africans Are Asking Their Enemies To Fund Their Army

AFRICANGLOBE - The African Union is reaching out to Gulf countries to support its peacekeeping missions, after the European Union reduced its annual $200 million funding by 20 per cent. The AU is also working with the United Nations Security Council to beg alternative funding for the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom).

Jackals Of The African Union Denounce Haiti’s Birthright – MUST READ

AFRICANGLOBE - The African Union is a rag-thug collection of sorry, pathetic and obdurate sellouts. They deserve nothing but to be arrested, collected, hung, killed, paled, decapitated and paraded through the streets of Kumasi, through the streets of Lagos, through the streets of Nairobi as a reminder of what should happen to anyone who represents powers other than that which is African on this continent. To hell with the African Union. It has no place in Africa.

Africa’s Military: Who Has The Most Powerful Force?

AFRICANGLOBE - The African Union is preparing to launch its African Standby Force in December. In October and November 2015, the continent’s armies will meet for a joint field training exercise called Amanai Africa II in South Africa. The exercise is aimed at developing the ASF to its full operational capability by the end of the year. We take a look at the top 10 most powerful armies on the continent.

Stop Meddling In Africa‚ COSATU Provincial Secretary Tells US

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States came under severe criticism on Wednesday by Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) provincial secretary Dumisani Dakile for meddling in the affairs of African countries and institutions such as the African Union (AU).

Obama Adresses The African Union

AFRICANGOBE - Closing a historic visit to Africa, President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged the continent's leaders to prioritize creating jobs and opportunity for the next generation of young people or risk sacrificing future economic potential to further instability and disorder.

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta Urges Africa To Give Up Foreign Aid

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged fellow African leaders to stop receiving foreign aid, saying it is not an acceptable basis for prosperity. "Dependency on giving that only appears to be charitable must end," he said in a tweet ahead of this weekend's African Union summit in South Africa.

African Army Expected By Year End

AFRICANGLOBE - The African Union believes Africa will have a united and functioning single military by the end of this year as leaders pledge to accelerate the African Standby Force. AU chairperson, Robert Mugabe, confirmed that the first training exercises for the force would be held in South Africa towards the end of October. It is hoped that by the end of the year, all regions will be ready to form part of the single force.