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EU Teaches West Africa How To Cheat, Plunder, Bully And Fish...

AFRICANGLOBE - If ever you doubted that putting the European Union in charge of environmental issues is a bit like inviting the Taliban to run Miss World, consider this story by Richard North about the characteristic blend of bullying, incompetence, corruption, greed, high-handedness, dishonesty and ineffectuality with which the EU is policing the fishing grounds of West Africa.

Africa Loses $50bn A Year In Plundered Resources

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa’s forests and fisheries, which could be an answer to the continent’s food shortages and dire poverty levels, are instead being stripped illicitly to the tune of almost $20-billion each year. When added to the losses the continent is experiencing as a result of other illicit outflows, $50-billion is lost overall each year, or 5.7% of Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP).

The Devastating Affect European and Asian Trawlers are Having on African...

The effects that foreign trawlers are having in African waters are not simply confined to our fisheries. They are having strong ripple effects in...

Massive Plunder of African Waters by Foreign Factory Ships

Activists from the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise today painted four floating fish factory trawlers with "PLUNDER!" The vessels Margiris, Franziska, Dirk Diederik and Willem...