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Top 8 Most Beautiful Daughters Of African Presidents

AFRICANGLOBE - Yeah!… not only actresses and screen models pack on beauty; royalty too, displays some loveliness. Here are the top 8 Most Beautiful First Daughters in Africa of 2015.

Depo-Provera Linked To Increased HIV Risk In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE- The injectable contraceptive depot medroxyprogesterone (Depo-Provera or DMPA) is associated with elevated risk for HIV infection among women in low-income or middle-income countries of Africa, according to a study published online January 8 in Lancet Infectious Diseases.

In Africa, Haircare Has Becomes A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

AFRICANGLOBE - While still largely based in the informal economy, the African haircare business has become a multi-billion dollar industry that stretches to China and India and has drawn global giants such as L'Oreal and Unilever.

A Return To African Hairstyles In Ivory Coast

AFRICANGLOBE - The afro — the natural hairstyle forever synonymous with the “Black is beautiful” movement championed by Black-Americans in the 1960s — is making a comeback in Africa, especially the Ivory Coast. When they see you wearing natural hair, they look at you like you are a pariah, like there is a problem, when actually, it should be normal,” said Liliana Lambert.

Why Do African Women Practice Skin Bleaching And The Golden Niche...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 2011 study into the dangers of skin bleaching found that many of the products used for the purpose contained inorganic mercury, a substance that can cause kidney damage, suppress immunity, induce anxiety and depression, and even permanently destroy the nerves in the limbs and skin.

The Rise Of The African Woman

AFRICANGLOBE - “If women want more rights than they got, why don’t they take it and stop talking about taking it.” A century after these words were uttered by Sojourner Truth, men and statistics are quick to point out that women have heed her words.

6 African Women Who Founded Amazing Companies

AFRICANGLOBE - Leadership, passion and vision no longer wear a purely masculine face and scores of African women are now counted among the founders of the amazing companies that are contributing to Africa’s development. Their countenance and demeanour, confidence and wisdom; there’s always something about a strong, influential woman.

The 20 Youngest Power Women In Africa 2012

AFRICANGLOBE - This liist was compiled by Zimbabwean TV Personality / Producer and Entreprenuer Farai Gundan As Africa continues to rise, so do African women. With the...

African Women and Their Hair – An Analysis

AFRICANGLOBE - The other Wednesday night I was sharing a table with South African music icon, Mr. Hugh Masekela, Bra Hugh as everybody in...

The 10 Most Successful Female Business Leaders In Africa Today

More and more, African women are moving away from their traditional homemaking role and making a real mark on the continent’s business scene. As...

More African Women Set To Go Natural

AFRICANGLOBE - For those of us who are passionate about Africa, perhaps the most refreshing development currently in the news, is the fact that many African women are gradually becoming confident in their natural beauty, and are finally rejecting “artificial beauty” altogether. Many African ladies are saying bye-bye to foreign wigs, hair relaxers and the bleaching cosmetics, which are perceived to be dangerous to the skin.

Women’s Economic Summit Begins in Nigeria

Creating better opportunities for women is key to Africa's economic development, a Nigerian minister said at the opening of a two-day African women's economic...

London Summit Take Aim at Africa’s Population With Contraception Fund

A summit aimed at halving the number of women in developing countries without access to birth-control/contraception opened in London on Wednesday, and African women...

African Women Entrepreneurs Build Ties, Share Tips

Women entrepreneurs from 37 African nations convened in Washington for the third meeting of the African Women's Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP), which runs from June...

African Beauty and Culture, Threatened By Western Civilization

However, the advent of western civilization: corporate controlled hip-hop music, R&B, and indecent dressing portrayed by fashion, has recently cast a dark shadow over...

Women Filmmakers Tell Their Stories

Documentary filmmaking holds a special place in the history of African women's cinema. In 1972, Senegalese filmmaker Safi Faye became the first  African woman...