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The Five Most Powerful African Queens In History

AFRICANGLOBE - Women may be considered as the weaker gender in some cultures, but our wealthy history records strong women who rose to power and greater heights than many male leaders who could only dream of it. In fact, according to Greek records, the first amazons were from Libya, a name that anciently, was used to refer to the whole of North Africa. Some of these amazons, like the Amazon of Dahomey, had troops that solely had female fighters. And if women could fight and defeat male warriors, then there’s nothing that could stop them from earning the same respect as men as far as leadership is concerned. To take you through what the African history holds on women, we have compiled a list of 5 Most Powerful African Queens from History.

Ancient Skulls Discovered In Greece Puts A Twist On Early African...

AFRICANGLOBE - They’re not a new discovery they were first discovered in in southern Greece in the 1970s, but scientists say they’ve only just been able to identify them accurately. The researchers say the first, called Apidima 2 is Neanderthal. But the partial remains of the second skull called Apidima 1 are causing more excitement. Researchers at Tübingen University claim the remains are a sign of an early exit from Africa by our ancestors.

When Arabs Invaded Africa

AFRICANGLOBE A brief look at the history of Africa and its relationship with the peoples from western Asia. A continuous war between Africans and these western Asians has raged for millenniums but most Africans are ignorant of this fact. These people are the greatest enemies the African people has ever faced and today they are still on the offensive.

Egypt Unveils 4,300-Year-Old Tomb Loaded With Images Of Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - In a major archaeological discovery, Egypt on Saturday unveiled the tomb of a Fifth Dynasty official adorned with colorful reliefs and well preserved inscriptions.The tomb, near Saqqara, a vast necropolis south of Cairo, belongs to a senior official named Khuwy who is believed to have been a nobleman during the Fifth Dynasty, which ruled over Egypt about 4,300 years ago.