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Chinese Are Now Attacking And Blaming Africans For Corona Virus

AFRICANGLOBE - Across African capitals, Chinese ambassadors are being hauled over by foreign ministries to explain horrid scenes that have gone viral on social media platforms of African migrants being evicted from apartments and refused entry into hotels. The videos have enraged governments and citizens back home.

Why African Traders Are Fleeing Guangzhou, China’s “Chocolate City”

AFRICANGLOBE - It was reported by a 2008 Wikileaks cable that the local Chinese authorities had long been “extremely concerned” about the “visible” African population in Guangzhou. “Many Chinese residents do not want to live in “Africa Town” due to “differences” ranging from “culture to lifestyle to hygiene,” an American diplomat wrote to Washington, citing research commissioned by the local authorities.

African Migrants Returning From China With Horror Stories

AFRICANGLOBE- As China’s economy slows and stricter visa requirements have been put in place, researchers say more African migrants are opting to go home. Others experience everyday racism like taxi drivers who won’t pick them up. The Gambian accounts on Uturn Asia depict a hard life for Africans in China. They describe living in cramped apartments where they have to take turns sleeping because there aren’t enough beds. Many spent their days hiding inside, afraid of being caught by the police with expired visas. Several detail struggling to get enough water and food in one of the most developed cities in China.