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Africa’s Cycle Of Exploitation: Now Its China’s Turn

AFRICANGLOBE - China is not in Africa to HELP Africa. She is in Africa to do to Africa what Europe and America have always done to Africa. China is neither a friend, foe, nor partner in development with Africa. She is simply obeying the rules of techno- capitalism- exploit and dominate.

Industrialisation Imperative For Africa’s Development

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's impressive growth story has not translated into economic diversification, commensurate jobs or faster social development for Africans.

Tony Elumelu Advocates for ‘Africapitalism’ As the Solution for Africa’s Development

AFRICANGLOBE - Charity and aid have failed Africa and its leading entrepreneurs are now driving the continent’s development agenda. This was the sentiment of Tony Elumelu’s speech, described by many as “powerful,

Education Holds the Key to Africa’s Development

My husband, Nelson Mandela, once described education as "the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." He was right. But I...

Microfinance – What Role in Africa's Development?

Since the idea of lending small sums of money to poor people was pioneered by Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, the approach has been taken up by many non-governmental organizations, donor agencies and the United Nations as an essential part of their poverty-reduction efforts.