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Africa’s Economy To Strengthen In 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's overall economy should advance in 2015, expanding by 4.5 percent, showing resilience despite weak commodity prices, an annual report published Monday said.

South African Firm Selling Pepper-Spray Bullet Firing Drones

AFRICANGLOBE - The maker of a drone that fires pepper spray bullets says it has received its first order for the machine. South Africa-based Desert Wolf said it had secured the sale of 25 units to a mining company after showing off the tech at a trade show.

Africa Rising But Must Cut Poverty, Create Jobs

AFRICANGLOBE - African presidents and policy makers are pushing back against pessimism to tell the world their continent's economic boom is real and sustained, but they say it must work harder to roll back poverty and create jobs for its restless youth.

Is Africa Really Rising?

Let us not be deceived. Africans can only rise if the vast majority rise in Pan-African consciousness, towards a socially just economic system that destroys neoliberal capitalism and ALL forms of oppression. Africans can only rise when we cease self-loathing and return to Ubuntu and self-love African people can only rise in realising this vision.

Africa’s Economy ‘Seeing Fastest Growth’

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's economy is growing faster than any other continent, according to the African Development Bank (AfDB). A new report from the AfDB said one-third of Africa's countries have GDP growth rates of more than 6%.

Africa Rising! At Least Its 1 Percent Is

Africa's economy may be booming, but this will do little to help unemployment and poverty if growth is jobless and its spoils are limited...