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Africa’s Surprising Future

AFRICANGLOBE - As Africa grows, its economies, cultural dynamics and aspirations are evolving with it. It's something I've seen myself. And in fact having spent significant time in the region, I can say confidently that there are some very good reasons to be optimistic about what is awaiting the next generation of African leaders.

The Battle Of Perspectives Over Africa’s 2050 Population Boom

AFRICANGLOBE - No one doubts that Africa’s population will grow meteorically in the next decades: The continent is expected to go from being home to 15 percent of the world’s population at present to 25 percent of the global population in 2050. Nevertheless, opinions differ with regard to Africa’s projected growth.

Africa’s Population Will Quadruple By 2100. What Does That Mean For...

AFRICANGLOBE - Global population levels are expected to increase from a current figure of 7.2 billion to nearly 11 billion by 2100, according to the U.N. Previously, it was believed the world’s population would peak at around 9.5 billion. Nearly all of this new growth, meanwhile, will occur in Africa, which is expected to quadruple in size.

Africa’s Population Could Hit 4 Billion By 2100

AFRICANGLOBE - "The future of humanity is increasingly African." That's the prediction in a new UNICEF report, which estimates that by the end of this century, 40 percent of the world's people will be African — up from 15 percent now.

Africa’s Baby-Boom: Population To Double By 2050

AFRICANGLOBE - The 10 countries with the world’s highest fertility rates are all in Africa, where mothers have an average of 5.2 children, according to a report released recently from the Washington DC-based Population Reference Bureau.

Dutch Abortion Ship Heads for Africa

A Dutch “abortion boat” has set sail for Morocco, its first trip to a Muslim/African country, to provide abortions to women who are exposed...

London Summit Take Aim at Africa’s Population With Contraception Fund

A summit aimed at halving the number of women in developing countries without access to birth-control/contraception opened in London on Wednesday, and African women...

Africa’s Population to Hit Two Billion By 2050

Sub-Saharan Africa's population is expected to hit the two-billion mark in the next four decades, which will result in more than a fifth of the world population being African, Standard Bank research analyst, Simon Freemantle, has said.