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Sherman Hemsley Star of ‘The Jeffersons’ Dies at Age 74

Sherman Hemsley, known for his starring role on "The Jeffersons," has died at age 74. Although the cause of Hemsley's death is unclear, reports ARE that the...

Why Do People Want Change in Sudan? A Barbaric Penal Code...

Hudud, a specific category of punishment within the penal code of sharia (Islamic law), is unspeakably barbaric in Sudan. And this barbarism has not diminished...

Uganda’s Iconic Gorilla, Ruhondeza Dies At Age 50

Ruhondeza, one of the oldest silverbacks in Bwindi national park has died. It was also the leader of the first group that kick-started habituated...

Demographics and the Investment Case for Africa

The economic pain being suffered in many developed economies relates, ironically, to higher standards of living that have resulted in longer life expectancies. In...

Expanding Age Gap Between Whites And Minorities May Increase U.S. Racial...

AFRICANGLOBE - A generation gap in several states between older whites and younger Latinos and African-Americans has race relations experts concerned that age differences in the population are influencing spending and public policy in areas such as education, transportation, immigration and infrastructure.

Zimbabwean Liberation Hero Edgar Tekere Dies at Age 74

Edgar Tekere, a liberation war icon and founding member of ZANU PF, has died in Mutare at the age of 74, after a battle with cancer that lasted for more than two years. Tekere, best known for his outspokenness died peacefully early on Tuesday with his family by his side.

The Life Of Albertina Sisulu

AFRICANGLOBE - Albertina Sisulu, who died in Johannesburg on Thursday at the age of 92, had little interest in politics when she met Walter Sisulu, future general secretary of the ANC. But she plunged wholeheartedly into the liberation struggle and emerged from years of detention, bannings and arrests as a major political figure in her own right.