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Tanzania Adopts New Policy To Curb Land Grabbing By Foreigners

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzania has adopted a new national land policy which, among others, lowers the ceiling under which foreign investors can lease land from the current 99 to 33 years. The new policy comes barely months after the East African nation embarked on a campaign to seize “idle” land and deter “rogue investors” from using it for speculative purposes.

Africans’ Land Rights At Risk As New Agriculture Trend Sweeps Continent

AFRICANGLOBE - Agriculture in Africa is in urgent need of investment. Nearly 550 million people there are dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods, while...

How African Politicians Gave Away $100bn Worth of African Land

With minimal consultation, African governments are signing away huge tracts of land for lease on the cheap. Now communities are raising their voices in...

The Preeminence Of African Science

AFRICANGLOBE - An animal bone, with markings used for counting, discovered in South Africa is estimated to be more than 35,000 years old. Another bone, the Ishango Bone, found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, not only has markings for counting, but also prime numbers which indicate it was used for calculating. It is 10,000 years old.

Africa Urged to Diversify, Turn to Agriculture

Africa needs to embrace economic diversification as well as focus on agribusiness to lift the continent out of poverty and put it on the...

Obama Announces Multi-Billion Investment in African Agriulture

Over forty-five companies have committed to invest over US$ 3 billion in Africa's agricultural sector as part of the G8's New Alliance for Food...

Black Farmers’ Quest for Justice Draws to a Close

After decades of discrimination and years of legal wrangling, Black farmers are rushing to beat a May 11 deadline to file racial discrimination claims...

Rwandan Economy On “Faster Growth Path”

Despite a lukewarm global economic outlook caused by the Euro Zone debt crisis, Rwanda's economy will grow within the 7.7% range this year, powered...

Kenya: Five Major Projects On Offer

The government of Kenya is inviting investment in five projects in energy, transportation, agriculture and construction sectors. The projects are critical in the realisation of...

E-Mails Reveal White House Collaboration On Shirley Sherrod Firing

White House officials were in close contact with the Agriculture Department in the hours leading up to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s decision to fire...

Nigerian President Targets 3.5 Million Agricultural Jobs

Nigeria's Agricultural Transformation Action Plan (ATAP) of the Federal Government will create 3.5 million jobs and add 20 million tonnes of food to the...

Rigging the Rules: Unfair Land Deals in South Sudan

According to a recent report by the Oakland Institute, 'Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa: South Sudan', a large influx of one-sided foreign investment...

Resurgent Ethiopia Invites Investments From India

Ethiopian Ambassador to India, Gennet Zewide, on Tuesday sought investments in the areas of textiles, leather, healthcare, milk and dairy products, tourism and chemicals to catch up with fastest growing countries such as India and China. Addressing government officials, business leaders and chamber representatives to mark the opening of the Honorary Consulate in Chennai, she said the new office would enable them to attract more Indian businesses and investments in priority sectors such as textile, leather, pharma, chemicals, manufacturing and automobile as these areas were found to be in abundance in Chennai.

Nigeria's Federal Govt Advised to Boost Agriculture

Managing Director of Muregi Associates Limited, Hussaini Mohammed has said that there was the need for the Federal Government of Nigeria to return to agriculture as the major foreign exchange earner.

Southern African Nations Launch Agricultural Research Centre

Located in Gaborone, Botswana, the Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development in Southern Africa (CCARDESA) aims to coordinate and stimulate agricultural growth through research, technology development and dissemination of research information to farmers.

Top Clinton Envoy in Angola for Energy Talks

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's top adviser on energy matters is in Angola for a three-day visit. Mr Carlos Pascual, the State Department's special...