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U.S. Donates Aircrafts To Slave Trading Mauritania

AFRICANGLOBE - The US government has donated two new Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft to the slave trading nation of Mauritania's Islamic Air Force (FAIM) to boost its capacity to conduct patrols to counter maritime crimes and regional terrorist groups.

South African Airways to Invest Up to $7b In Aircraft Acquisition

AFRICANGLOBE - South African Airways (SAA) is set to invest between $4 and $7 billion on the acquisition of 25-30 long haul aircrafts following increased activity in the South African air travel industry and increased number of travelers across the continent.

African Airliners Top List of Aircraft Banned From EU

The European Commission has adopted the 19th update of the European safety list of air carriers subject to operating bans and other operational restrictions...

Africa Will Require 1,101 New Aircraft By 2030

Africa will require 1,101 aircraft by 2030 when the continent's air traffic is likely to grow at above world's average, Mr Alan Pardoe, Airbus...

Ethiopian Airlines Orders Five Q400 NextGen Airliners

Bombardier Aerospace confirmed today that Ethiopian Airlines is the customer that placed the firm order for five Q400 NextGen airliners announced on February 13,...

Obama Hosts International Debut for Libya’s Racist Non-Revolutionary Regime

The United States and the corporate media would have you believe that President Obama and the U.S. corporate media are celebrating the triumph of a “revolution” in Libya. But there was no revolution. “’Revolutionaries’ – African revolutionaries – do not name their fighting units ‘the Brigade for Purging Slaves, Black Skin.’”

Ethiopian Airlines Rolls Out Ambitious Plan

Ethiopian Airlines has announced a 15 year strategic plan it hopes will see it become the biggest African airline by 2025 by pushing its annual revenue to US$ 10 billion.

NATO Allowed African Refugees to Drown in the Mediterranean Violating International...

According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, 1,500 African refugees have died while trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe since the beginning of the war against Libya in March.

Britons and Americans Sentenced in Somalia Over Pirate Cash

A Somali court has jailed six foreigners including three Britons and an American for illegally carrying millions of dollars into the country to pay ransoms for the release of vessels held by pirates

Emirates to fly "Superjumbo" to Joburg, South Africa

  Emirates Airlines is to use its flagship Airbus A380 aircraft on a daily service between Dubai and Johannesburg from 1 October onwards, to cater...