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It’s More Obvious Than Ever Pantaleo Should Have Been Charged With...

AFRICANGLOBE - Now that a grand jury in the same state indicted Liang for Gurley's death, the injustice against Eric Garner and his family becomes all the more clear. Pantaleo was infamously filmed strangling Eric Garner, which the city's medical examiner said caused the unarmed, 44-year-old man's death.

NYPD Officer Indicted In Death Of Akai Gurley

AFRICANGLOBE - A New York City police officer is expected to surrender Wednesday to face criminal charges in the November shooting death of an unarmed Black man, according to a city official and a lawyer involved in the case.

New York Police Kill Unarmed Man In Brooklyn

AFRICANGLOBE - New York City police shot and killed an unarmed 28-year-old Black man Thursday night in a Brooklyn housing project, in what the city’s political establishment is referring to as an “unfortunate accident.” The news of this latest murder by the New York Police Department (NYPD) comes as the ruling elite prepares a crackdown in advance of a grand jury decision on whether to bring charges against the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who killed Michael Brown in August.