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South African Govt Wants To Sell Africa’s Largest Weapons Manufacturer To...

AFRICANGLOBE - South African weapons manufacturer Denel has a problem as it fights to survive. Its potential saviour is Saudi Arabia, now drawing fierce criticism following the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. But after being mismanaged for years and tainted by a far-reaching influence-peddling scandal, state-owned Denel now needs the kind of help that the deep-pocketed Saudis can provide.

South African MP Warned Not To Investigate Russia-South Africa Spy Satellite

AFRICANGLOBE - According to a leaked top-secret report from the South African State Security Agency (SSA), Russia and South Africa were cooperating on a secret satellite surveillance programme, which the SSA codenamed Project Condor.

Israel’s Africa Policies ‘An Exercise In Cynicism’

AFRICANGLOBE - South African spies have a deep disdain for their Israeli counterparts, with intelligence assessments accusing Israel of conducting "cynical" polices in Africa that include "fuelling insurrection", "appropriating diamonds" and even sabotaging Egypt's water supply.

America’s Commercial Bail Bonds System

AFRICANGLOBE - Al Jazeera's Fault Lines examines the U.S. bail bond industry, and investigates how money determines who goes free and who stays behind bars. Fault Lines is a weekly show that takes you beyond headlines and holds the powerful to account as we examine the U.S.' role in the world.

Muslim Gunmen massacre Villagers In Nigeria’s Northeast

AFRICANGLOBE - Armed men have attacked a village in northeastern Nigeria, killing an unknown number of people and setting fire to homes, a witness said.

Soledad O’Brien Done With CNN; Joins Al Jazeera America Network

AFRICANGLOBE - Emmy Award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien, who recently left the CNN morning show Starting Point, has confirmed that she has now signed on as a news correspondent for Al Jazeera America.

Goodbye Indonesia: Black People In West Papua Struggle For Freedom

AFRICANGLOBE - In the face of Indonesian repression and international indifference the people of West Papua have been locked in a life or death struggle for independence. Al Jazeera's People & Power finds out what is behind one of the most forgotten conflicts in the world.

Namibian President Calls for Land Redistribution

The policy of willing seller, willing buyer has failed over the past 22 years and something has to be done to amend the constitution...