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Washington’s Al Qaeda Ally Now Leading ISIS In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - The revelations that US ally Abdelhakim Belhadj is now leading ISIS in Libya should come as no surprise to those who have followed US policy in that country, and throughout the region. It illustrates for the umpteenth time that Washington has provided aid and comfort to precisely those forces it claims to be fighting around the world.

BBC Now Admits: Armed Nazis Led “Revolution” In Ukraine

AFRICANGLOBE - A BBC Newsnight short titled, “Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine,” reveals xenophobic Jew-hating nationalists, armed and leading the mobs in Kiev, directly contradicting months of Western media narratives portraying the rabble as aspiring for “freedom,” “democracy,” and “closer ties with the West,” with the most absurd example being the “I am Ukrainian” propaganda reel.

America: The World’s No.1 Sponsor of Terrorism

AFRICANGLOBE - Just as there are good dictators and bad dictators in Washington’s eyes, there are also good terrorists and bad terrorists: Al Qaeda in Iraq, bad. Al Qaeda in Syria, good. Al Qaeda in Mali, bad. Al Qaeda in Libya, good, now bad. This hypocrisy manifests itself most acutely in how western media reports on the victims of terror.

Chad Army Says it Elimnated Top Terrorist Moktar Belmoktar

AFRICANGLOBE - Chad's military chief announced on state television late Saturday that his troops deployed in northern Mali had killed Moktar Belmoktar, the terrorist who orchestrated the attack on a natural gas plant in Algeria that left 36 foreigners dead.

Mali: Al-Qaeda’s New Homeland

AFRICANGLOBE - Al Qaeda has a new refuge: the deserts of Northern Mali. As jihadists pour into the country, this report captures how harsh Islamist control has led to a food crisis and the exodus of half a million people.

Mali Crisis, Al-Qaeda Driving ‘Arc of Instability’ Across Africa – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - Two new studies report that "the growing role of al-Qaeda across northern Africa," fueled by the Mali crisis and Libyan arms influx, is creating an 'Arc of Instability' across Africa's Sahel that poses an "acute threat" to countries in the region and to Europe and the US.

More Algerians Arrive to Support Al-Qaeda In Northern Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - Several dozen Algerian terrorists have arrived in Timbuktu to support armed Arab groups controlling northern Mali, who have toughened their application of...

Arab Terrorists Call for the Murder of More American Diplomats

Al Qaeda’s affiliate in North Africa said Tuesday that last week’s murder of U.S. ambassador John Christopher Stevens was a “gift” and called for...

The West’s Criminal Silence Over the Libyan Catastrophe

The silence of the western press on the situation in Libya is deafening. This is no surprise as the pessimistic predictions of the critics...

Al-Qaeda Using Mali Crisis to Expand, France Warns

France warned the seizure of northern Mali by a Tuareg-led rebellion was playing into the hands of local al Qaeda units, urging neighbours including...

Al-Qaeda Chief Buying Arms in Libya

One of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s (AQIM’s) top leaders is allegedly in Libya to buy weapons, according to Malian security sources. “Mokhtar Belmokhtar,...

Muslim Terrorists Declares New War Against Somali Govt

The Al shabaab terrorist movement, which has already asserted its allegiance to Al Qaeda, on Saturday declared new war against the internationally backed transitional federal government of Somalia.

Islamic Terrorist Al-Shabab Executes Somali Boy

The Al shabaab group, which the US alleges to be Al Qaeda's proxy in the horn of Africa nation, on Thursday executed a young Somali boy in coastal district of Harardhere.