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US Military Bombs Somalia Allegedly Killing 62 Militants

AFRICANGLOBE - The US military says it has killed 62 fighters from the Islamist group al-Shabab in six air strikes in Somalia. Four air strikes on Saturday killed 32 militants and a further two on Sunday killed 28, it said in a statement.

Ethiopian Planes Bombard Al-Shabaab Bases In Somalia

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopian military warplanes reportedly bombed several bases belonging to Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab terrorists in central Somalia.

Kenya: #SomeoneTellCNN … Get Outta Here!

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenyans on social media have turned their guns for the second time on American broadcaster CNN after it reported Kenya as being a "hotbed" of terror ahead of US President Barack Obama's visit. They see it as an attempt to rain on Kenya's parade ahead of what is largely seen as President Obama's homecoming.

Muslim Terrorists Attack Kenyan University Murdering Dozens

AFRICANGLOBE - Muslim terrorists raided a Kenyan university early Thursday, killing students and taking others hostage during morning prayers. Al-Shabaab, the Somalia-based Islamist militant group, has claimed responsibility

Ethiopia Spends Very Little Money On Its Military?—?And It Works

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopians “scare the Hell out of everybody,” Alexander Rondos, the European Union’s representative for the Horn of Africa, said in 2014. Ethiopia has one of the strongest armies in Africa, arguably outmatched only by Egypt, Algeria and South Africa. And these three countries spend far more on their militaries, both in per capita terms and in actual dollars, than Ethiopia.

U.S. Drone Strike Kills The Leader Of Al Shabaab?

AFRICANGLOBE - A twitter which belongs to Al Shabaab announced the demise of their overall leader Ahmed Godane. This comes days after American drones attacked and stroke the leaders of Alshabaab in Southern Somalia.

Somalia: Al-Shabaab Fails To Sway Somalis Against Ethiopian Troops

AFRICANGLOBE - Rather than take up arms and join al-Shabaab's fight against Ethiopian troops serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), residents of several towns in central Somalia are instead fleeing their homes in the dead of night.

Ugandan Troops In Somalia Control 75,000 sq kms

AFRICANGLOBE - Ugandan troops in Somalia now control 75 000 square kilometers of the troubled country, their commander Brigadier Michael Ondoga has said. 

He said the Ungandans had made great strides in the last seven months, after successfully flushing Al-Shabab militants from their bases.

Ethiopia Breaks Up Islamist Militant Cell

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian police have arrested 15 suspected militants allegedly trained by Islamist rebels in neighbouring Somalia and who were plotting attacks in Ethiopia, the country's intelligence agency said on Wednesday.

Operation Hirola – Saving Africa’s Rarest Antelope

AFRICANGLOBE-  While the world focuses on the African Union effort to oust Al Shabaab militants from Somalia, another operation is quietly plugging away along the...

After Kismayo – What Next for Al-Shabaab and Somalia?

After a long wait, the Kenya Army finally entered the southern Somali port city of Kismayo on 28 September, following an attack by sea,...

More Al Shabaab Terrorists Killed as African Union Forces Close in...

At least 50 Al Shabaab militants were killed in yet another deadly attack at Jana Cabdalla, a town 40 kilometers from the port of...

Al-Shabaab in Disarray as AU Troops Close in on Kismayo

The United States envoy to Somalia James Swan has said that Al-Shabab militants fighting the Government of Somalia have been cornered by forces of...

Al-Shabaab Commander Killed by Kenyan Army in Kismayu Attack

A senior Al Shabaab commander was among seven people killed as Kenya Defence Forces continued shelling the Somali port town of Kismayu. Military Spokesman Colonel...

Somalia Joins African Union Force in Major Battle Against Al Shabaab

Senior African military officials and their African Mission in Somalia yesterday continued to plan the attack on Kismayu following the fall of Miido, a...

Kenyan Jets Bomb Al Shabaab Base in Southern Somalia

Kenyan military Jets bombed a base run by Islamic terrorists al Shabaab rebels north of Somalia's Kismayu port on Wednesday, local residents and officials...