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Al Shabaab Terrorists Threaten to Attack Kenya During Ramadhan

Kenyan police have warned of fresh terror threats from Al Shabaab militants who have warned of massive destruction in Kenya during Ramadhan. Nairobi Provincial Police...

Al Shabaab Should be Charged With War Crimes

Kenyan Cabinet Minister Mutula Kilonzo says Al Shabaab commanders should be charged with war crimes by the International Criminal Court. Speaking at a UN conference...

Al Shabaab’s Reign of Terror Weakening in Somalia

The terrorist organization of Al Shabaab have continued to lose ground and agents as Somali and African Union forces continue there onslaught on the...

Somali and AU Forces March Toward Al Shabaab Stronghold

Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) troops alongside African Union forces successfully killed Al Shabaab agents while en route to Afgoye a town controlled by...

Al-Shabaab’s Threat to Kenya

The U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, released a message April 23 informing U.S. citizens in the country that it had received credible information regarding...

Al-Shabaab Targets Internally Displaced Persons

The international community yesterday called for respect of civilian life and humanitarian agencies in Mogadishu as Al-Shabaab mortar attacks continued in the Somali capital,...

Ethiopian and Somali Troops Push Al-Shabaab Out of Another Somali Town

Ethiopian and Somali troops seized a town in Somalia controlled by al-Shabaab militants who fled after battles with troops, residents said Thursday. Hundreds of residents...

Somali Residents Welcome Ethiopian Troops After al-Shabaab Defeat

After three years of killings and violence under the rule of al-Shabaab terrorists, residents of the Somali city of Baidoa said they were happy...

Ethiopian Troops Push Al-Shabaab Out of Another Somali Town

Ethiopian troops backed by tanks wrested control of a town in southern Somalia on Tuesday from the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab terrorists. Addis Ababa sent...

U.S. Ponders Re-Arming Amisom Amid Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda Merger

The United States is considering additional assistance to the African Union military mission in Somalia (Amisom) in the wake of an announced merger between...

Kenyan Troops Al-Shabaab Out of Two Somali Towns

Kenyan forces have taken over two al Shabaab controlled towns after Kenyan airstrikes left the towns of Hosingo and Badade, in Southern Somalia, under...

Human Intelligence Takes Center Stage In Kenya’s Battle With Al-Shabaab

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenyan soldiers and the Al-Shabaab militia are using locals in a bid to emerge victorious in the military operation in Somalia. The Kenyan troops are using humanitarian assistance to endear the Somalis as they gather intelligence on the Al-Shabaab while the terror group is using the locals as human shields.

Al-Shabaab Terrorists Mutilates Somali Boy

The Al-Shabaab terrorist group on Thursday said it had amputate the limbs of a Somali boy in Cross after accusing him for committing theft and armed robbery.

Islamic Terrorist Al-shabab Moves Famine Victims Back to Their Homes

Reports from Baidoa and Hudur towns say that al Shabaab, the Islamic terrorist group that opposes the policies of the Somali Government, has started moving people affected by famine back to their homes. Raising fears among Somalis that people trapped in al-Shabab territory will be forced to starve to death .